OrgSync + AMICCUS-C Partnership


OrgSync and AMICCUS-C are excited to announce a partnership agreement between the two organizations. This partnership will bring the AMICCUS-C organization on to the OrgSync platform allowing them to leverage the platform’s suite of communication and analytic tools to better communicate with its members as well as to streamline processes and facilitate collaboration in a completely digital solution. AMICCUS-C Members will also receive exclusive pricing.

What This Means For AMICCUS-C Members

With the launch of the partnership, AMICCUS-C will begin transitioning all official communications, resources, and events for its members onto the OrgSync platform. Members will be able to access a private, members-only community for AMICCUS-C from any device with an internet connection.

In addition to this, members will gain the ability to more effectively interact with AMICCUS-C administrators, stay aware of upcoming events, and collaborate with peers year-round. In time, AMICCUS-C will be able to promote, track, and run the annual conference within the OrgSync platform for a more streamlined and data-driven experience.


Exclusive Pricing

We are excited to announce that all AMICCUS-C members who purchase OrgSync will receive a 10% discount on the platform. An additional 5% discount will be given to all new customers who sign before 3/31/2016.

Any existing partners in AMICCUS-C will also receive a discount when they decide to purchase any new OrgSync services and/or renew their agreements.

See how members of AMICCUS-C are benefiting from OrgSync

AMICCUS-C Students’ Unions have been using OrgSync in a variety of ways and each has seen great results. Let us show you how they have specifically benefitted from OrgSync and give you a better sense for what it can do for your Students’ Union.

Current OrgSync partners from AMICCUS-C campuses:

  • Students’ Union - University of Calgary
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Students Association
  • Alma Mater Society (AMS) of The University of British Columbia

“OrgSync is great because it allows us to centralize everything in one place and eliminates our paper usage.”

Henry Rosvick,
Coordinator, Student Organizations at Students’ Union, University of Calgary

OrgSync for Students’ Unions, Associations, and Federations

OrgSync is a cloud-hosted platform designed specifically to help Universities, Colleges, and Unions drive, manage, and measure their student engagement in a private, online community. With tools like club & society management, funding management, election support, paperless forms, and event promotion with attendance tracking, OrgSync has become a proven resource for campuses looking to provide the best experience and technology possible for their students and staff.

See what we can do for your Students’ Union.

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