Analyze Assessments and Evaluations

Analyzing data can be a challenge on campuses where it is collected and stored in a variety of ways and locations. Whether you’re conducting annual assessments or tracking program participation, data can be easily collected and analyzed at multiple levels in OrgSync. The platform also creates a central repository for all involvement and assessment data to enable successful execution of your campus assessment strategy.

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Conduct assessments online

Conducting assessments using paper is no longer scalable or cost effective for campuses of any size. Moving all surveys and assessments online to OrgSync not only allows for easier completion by your participants but also eliminates the need for manual entry. Additionally, OrgSync forms link to other data in the system, like profile information, so you can easily compare results across demographics.

Evaluate program effectiveness

Whether you are assessing the effectiveness of presenters or trying to identify learning outcomes achieved, you can customize event and program evaluations in OrgSync. From pre-tests to post-tests or simple feedback forms, the platform allows you to target the correct people for your evaluations, helping reduce survey fatigue on campus.

Measure specific learning outcomes

Utilizing forms related to events, administrators can measure the learning outcomes from university-sponsored programs and services. Whether you are measuring the outcomes of one activity or want to see growth over time, OrgSync forms allow you to collect the necessary data from participants without paper or arduous data entry.

Collect qualitative feedback and reflections

A comprehensive assessment program relies on more than just quantitative data. Often qualitative data can help to round out the picture the numbers begin to draw. Utilizing free-response reflections allow departments and divisions to get a more robust picture of learning outcomes achieved as well as the impact of programs and events.

Develop evaluation criteria for measuring ROI

Determining the return on investment of programs is often a challenge, but a necessary activity to ensure you are getting the most out of your platform. With OrgSync, you can create satisfaction surveys or speaker evaluations to determine if organizations are spending money on the best programs or services for users. Moving past simple participation numbers helps you more fully measure whether objectives related to strategic plans are being met.

Create enhanced reports

Making sure reports are customized to your specific needs helps speed up and optimize the data management process. The OrgSync API gives each campus the flexibility and creativity to create new automated processes by leveraging the institutional involvement and assessment data collected within the platform with information in campus data warehouses. For example, you can set up automatic grade checks by comparing rosters with GPA information to ensure requirements are met.

“OrgSync is great because it allows so much information to be gathered, and there are so many opportunities to use it for assessments and accreditation. You can also aggregate participation and service data in a way that makes sense.”

Roquee Forson,
Director of Student Involvement, Houston Baptist University

When Sacramento State University performed its first assessment, the process of collecting involvement data to send to Institutional Research was time consuming and inefficient. It took five advisors two days to sort through paper records and find the names of students who were leaders on campus. For their recent assessment study, one administrator completed the process in minutes, using student involvement data collected in OrgSync, to quantify the link between student leadership and academic performance. This analysis led to them applying for and receiving a 1.8 million dollar federal grant.

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