Centralize Communication and Online Resources

Students, faculty, and staff need a vehicle through which they can centralize resources and easily send out messaging to a variety of audiences. OrgSync simplifies these processes, ensuring users stay organized and spend more time working on meaningful activities that contribute to your institution’s overall mission and goals.

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Target communication to specific users and groups

Rather than broadcasting messages to the entire campus or relying on outdated listservs for segmentation, OrgSync provides permission-based access. Share news posts, emails, SMS text messages, files, videos, and more with specific groups or individual users.

Provide a single place for students to engage with campus

One of the primary barriers to involvement is the individual’s lack of knowledge about available opportunities. The OrgSync directory offers a searchable display of all organizations and departments on campus. This makes it easy for individuals to quickly find an organization or department that matches their interests and get involved. If users find a group they are interested in, they can then click through to learn more and even join the organization.

Create a centralized resource knowledgebase

We know you are faced with busy schedules and need access to important documents and resources in a timely manner. With OrgSync, you can upload important files and documents to create an online knowledge base that can be accessed and shared at any time. Not only does this help save time and paper, but having resources in a central location can create a virtual community to compliment your physical space.

Share information through social media

Students, faculty, and staff use social media as a way to disseminate information to the masses; OrgSync makes that process even easier. The platform’s social media integrations ensure you are reaching users through the media they access most. You can quickly share news posts, photos, polls, videos, and more with followers on your favorite social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Increase visibility with integrated public websites

A strong web presence is key to keeping members informed and growing your organization. OrgSync provides you with a website builder, a public URL, and hosting services to help increase visibility. Your public website synchronizes with your OrgSync modules so, as any public content is updated in OrgSync it will automatically show up on your website.

Post media resources online

With OrgSync, you can easily upload media resources like photos and videos, and then quickly share them with members of your community. You can capture memories, document events, create albums, and even tag individual members. Plus, all media can be pushed to your public websites or shared to social media sites directly from OrgSync.

Highlight important items to your campus community

One of the best ways to get students involved and informed is to visibly promote events, polls, news, and more. Within OrgSync, banners scroll across the top of the homepage and can be customized with graphic images and descriptions. These banners are the first items students see when they login to OrgSync, so you can be sure that the most important announcements will be viewed first.

Streamline the login process across platforms

Students and administrators can be overwhelmed with the number of usernames and passwords they have to manage. OrgSync’s integration with several single sign-on authentication services makes accessing the system easier by eliminating the need for another username and password. With campus authentication, users can bypass the OrgSync login by simply logging in with their campus credentials. OrgSync’s API can also be used to integrate the platform with other campus portal systems like Blackboard or Luminis.

“After four years of trying to get an online system, we chose OrgSync because it is a comprehensive program that students and student organizations can use to connect with each other and to actually build a community on our campus.”

Joseph Greenwell,
Dean of Students, San Francisco State University

Through the use of OrgSync, Penn State Behrend has significantly increased student involvement and organization management. In fact, the institution has seen campus-wide event attendance double as a result of using OrgSync. Students are now more active and connected to campus with improved access to information from multiple departments. Departments can now operate more efficiently by transferring many of their paper-based processes online, allowing them to allocate more time and resources to students.

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