Manage People and Groups

OrgSync is designed specifically for departments, divisions, organizations, and other governing bodies to manage and oversee all reporting groups and users. Whether you are a student-facing department or part of central administration, OrgSync helps you streamline processes, operate more efficiently, and engage with the people you care about.

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Maintain up-to-date organization and member records

OrgSync standardizes how administrators manage registered student organizations. You can maintain an up-to-date student organization directory complete with detailed information and rosters. Data is easily exportable, and you can quickly identify active users, manage activity, and report on hours.

Empower students to build sustainable organizations

With OrgSync’s online platform, student leaders can stop using multiple programs to manage organizations by centralizing tools into one online platform. As individuals join, they can seamlessly interact with other members, discover information about upcoming events, and catch up on the latest news. Plus, new leaders can access archived information to ease the burdens of officer turnover and transition.

Keep alumni connected after graduation

Alumni relations are a challenge for any campus, but OrgSync can help ensure they have an easy access point to stay connected after graduation. Alumni mentoring programs, guest speakers, continuing education opportunities, and email lists can all be moderated and tracked from within OrgSync. By keeping alumni active and involved in OrgSync, campuses can help students discover the real-world application of their degrees, connect students with their future careers, and track overall career placement.

Ease turnover and onboarding

It can sometimes be challenging to ensure that incoming personnel are equipped with the information they need to be effective. OrgSync helps make this transition easier. You and your staff can upload important documents so new personnel can simply refer to this organization knowledgebase throughout the year. With files and other resources stored in a secure online environment, you don’t have to worry about losing any valuable information during transitions.

Help students develop their online brand

As students prepare to enter the workforce, they need a way to market themselves effectively to potential employers. Students can leverage the ePortfolio as a robust, online record of involvement, academic experiences, employment history, and recommendations. Combining the ePortfolio and co-curricular record in OrgSync create a dynamic package for job or graduate school applications.

Facilitate college transitions

Getting students involved early teaches them transferable skills to help ensure career readiness upon graduation. However, as they transition into new learning or career opportunities, making sure they are armed with a personalized history of their involvement is essential. OrgSync provides students with a personalized co-curricular record that is automatically updated as students check into events, but places no additional overhead on you as an administrator.

Support development and training

Staff development and training initiatives must be both trackable and measurable. Many times; however, these are either highly manual processes requiring piles of paper, or they are managed through completely separate systems. OrgSync can help streamline programming by automating check-in and out, monitoring progress, cataloging resources, and assessing outcomes - all through a single, online platform. You’ll spend less time processing forms and entering data, and more time on staff development.

Allocate financial resources to groups and organizations

Managing the budget for campus organizations can be a largely complicated administrative task. OrgSync’s Budget Management System is designed to automate the process, making the request and approval of budget funds and resources simple. Because we know each institution is different, the system is very flexible with many user-based options, and can be modified to mirror your unique budgeting procedures.

“OrgSync combines all the functionalities that our student organizations need in order to be successful. Thanks to OrgSync, our office has been able to streamline processes, reduce paper, and communicate effectively with our 400 organizations.”

Tracy Frier,
Student Activities Coordinator, University of North Texas

Portland State University’s staff used to spend six hours on administrative tasks per day and now spend 30 minutes to an hour, a time savings of more than 80%. The staff morale has risen substantially because they are now spending more time utilizing their Student Affairs expertise. They have also significantly improved the retention rates for a staff of nine professionals.

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