Organize Calendars, Programs, and Events

Keeping track of groups hosting events and those attending can be burdensome on campuses of all sizes. OrgSync enables departmental oversight of event planning to manage risk and allow groups to plan, market, execute, and assess programming. OrgSync makes event management easy by centralizing calendars, simplifying event promotion, and making sure the appropriate areas are kept informed.

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Streamline event approval processes and manage risk

Each department within your community is able to customize the event approval/request process. Custom forms can be designed for groups to fill out so administrators receive necessary information before an organization can begin to market their event. Reviewers from across the institution can be involved so every department works within the same process.

Create a central campus events calendar

OrgSync provides a centralized calendar system that helps you stay up-to-date on organization and campus-wide events. You can promote all campus-wide events through OrgSync. Calendars can be easily integrated into other public websites through embed codes, RSS feeds, and campus digital boards with the API. The platform also integrates with external calendar tools like iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

Track and approve involvement hours

OrgSync’s timesheets tool makes it easier to keep an accurate record of all pending and approved credit hours assigned to members. Administrators can assign credit for events so when a member attends an event, they receive the correct number of hours. Tracking can be done automatically through the use of card swipe or manually by the individual requesting credit.

Report on individual and organization service initiatives

Engaging internal and external service partners to promote and track service opportunities for campus members is an essential administrative process. Utilizing OrgSync’s Service Management System, campuses can report directly on third-party verified service hours completed by institution members as well as require follow-up information (reflections, learning outcome identification, and assessments) after service work is completed.

Evaluate programs for attendee satisfaction and outcomes

Create a pre-event registration form to gather additional information on participants and collect any related fees. After each event you have the ability to gather reflections and measure learning outcomes with post-event surveys. Whether you are assessing the effectiveness of the presenters or trying to identify learning outcomes achieved, you can customize what type of assessment you would like for each program within OrgSync.

Message participants based on specific event criteria

OrgSync systematically tracks RSVPs to every event set up in the calendar. Event managers have the ability to reach out to members based on their RSVP status. This feature helps you to further target and message attendees, ensuring they have the details needed while not overwhelming those who have not responded or are not attending.

“OrgSync, especially the forms feature, has helped us grow our office’s partnership with the faculty. The planning of co-curricular opportunities is more efficient, and through event promotion on OrgSync, attendance at these experiences has skyrocketed.”

Eddie Seavers,
Associate Director, Center for Student Involvement, Ramapo College of New Jersey

The University of California, Santa Barbara, needed an effective way to evaluate and manage the risks of student-run events in order to better protect students and the campus. Their original paper-submission process required a lot of time and attention from staff and did not provide enough documentation of their recommendations and decisions. By switching to a digital submission process through OrgSync, UCSB sped up the process and was able to more efficiently manage liabilities.

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