Quantify Student Involvement and Success

Research consistently points to a direct correlation between campus involvement and student success, but documenting this trend can be difficult. OrgSync allows campuses to streamline data collection and store it in a centralized repository. By combining OrgSync and campus data, powerful insights can be gleaned regarding the impact of student involvement and other factors influencing student success.

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Document the connection between involvement and success

OrgSync makes it easy to collect involvement data on everyone from campus leaders to the general student so information can be compared to GPA and graduation timelines. This information can be extremely helpful for annual reports, accreditation inquiries, or for budgeting purposes to document the achievement of learning outcomes.

Collect student data for reporting purposes

With OrgSync, you decide what information you want to collect. User profiles can be customized by adding and removing various fields to ensure you have all the information you need for students and staff. Community rosters and profile information can then be pulled for general reporting purposes, like attendance or grade checks, to supplement retention profiles.

Report on data for departmental or annual reports

Whether you are measuring the outcomes of one activity or want to see growth over time, OrgSync helps you collect the necessary data. If you are looking for the results from a particular survey or documenting involvement data as a whole, reporting is readily available within the platform. The centralized data is key to documenting the achievement of strategic goals or initiatives at all levels.

Develop custom data comparisons

For all elements that have pre-defined choices within OrgSync, users can generate graphs for the responses to each question. Within OrgSync’s reporting dashboards you can run cross-tabs to compare answers between questions or user demographic information. If you need to import data into another system you can easily export form submissions into Excel or simply analyze the aggregate results of all form submissions within the platform.

Integrate involvement data with existing data warehouses

OrgSync data can be easily pulled over to other data warehouses or student information systems through reporting and the API. By integrating data into other warehouses, you can have a centralized data center allowing reports to be created utilizing information from across campus. Many campuses are able to create robust reports or dashboards by integrating OrgSync data into their current data visualizers.

Create benchmarking programs

Often snapshot assessments are not comprehensive enough to document long-term changes so the ability to keep and compare data over time is crucial. OrgSync stores data over time so institutions can benchmark assessment results and compare them longitudinally to see changes. Data can be collected for one department or across campus to evaluate achievement of goals as they relate to departmental or university strategic plans.

“OrgSync provides a great platform for institutions to track involvement, justify what students are doing, and tie that to retention and persistence throughout the collegiate experience.”

Damon Brown,
Director of Student Activities and Involvement, Central Michigan University

When Sacramento State University performed its first assessment, the process of collecting involvement data to send to Institutional Research was time consuming and inefficient. It took five advisors two days to sort through paper records and find the names of students who were leaders on campus. For their recent assessment study, one administrator completed the process in minutes, using student involvement data collected in OrgSync, to quantify the link between student leadership and academic performance. This analysis led to them applying for and receiving a 1.8 million dollar federal grant.

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