Streamline Student and Administrative Processes

Whether you have a wall of paper forms requiring data entry or have trouble managing workflows, running an efficient department can be a challenge. OrgSync enables you to move administrative processes online so individuals can submit documents at any time from anywhere, automatically triggering the appropriate workflows.

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Go paperless by moving all forms online

Even with the help of student workers and graduate assistants, paper-based evaluations are always a chore. Collecting forms online not only makes this task easier with spreadsheet exports, but it also eliminates the risk of data-entry error. You can utilize OrgSync’s email and social media tools to distribute the instrument, and users can complete the forms from the convenience of their own computer or mobile device.

Customize a registration process for portals

Every campus has a unique process for registering organizations and updating department information. OrgSync’s organization registration module can automate this process. You can build registration forms online, customize the workflow to mirror internal approval processes, set up notifications, and create automated messages.

Transition all personnel requests online

OrgSync streamlines approval processes and provides tools to help you be more efficient. The forms feature has an automatic workflow built in, allowing for multiple levels of approval. You can require the form follow a sequence of reviewers, notify reviewers, and send messages to users.

Manage budget requests and allocations

When getting budgets approved, it is always important to keep detailed financial records. This is sometimes easier said than done. Through OrgSync’s Budget Management System users can easily track finances and monitor expenditures. With built-in reporting tools it is possible to quickly analyze spending and allocations across your department.

Conduct campus-wide elections securely online

Conducting elections and enabling officer transition can be a challenge. OrgSync serves as a resource that both expedites the election process and eases administrative burdens. Through the use of forms, polls, and other tools, the platform makes voting easy. It also allows candidates to include links to their ePortfolio and videos of their platform speeches to help market themselves.

Track hours and attendance more efficiently

Manually checking students in to every event can be overwhelming. With OrgSync, you can implement an automatic process in which students quickly and easily swipe, scan, or proxy their IDs. Card Swipe will automatically check students into and out of the event, log hours, and send out post-event surveys.

Increase efficiency of advising units

Striking a balance between qualitative meetings and transactional interactions is essential for administrators, but not always possible. OrgSync helps you eliminate this challenge through dynamic, online resources, individual or group messaging, and real-time access to student data. Advisors can quickly communicate to individual advisees or the entire student body, and post office hours online so students can RSVP for timeslots.

“As a supervisor, OrgSync has helped me introduce efficient processes to my department so my staff can work on more meaningful projects for our students. OrgSync has had a direct correlation with me retaining great staff and doing better work with students.”

Aimee Shattuck,
Director of Student Activities and Leadership Program, Portland State University

Before purchasing OrgSync, Furman University used another online program for elections that, according to Scott Derrick, Director of Student Activities and the University Center, was “cumbersome, clunky, and not intuitive.” During elections, administrators frequently had to troubleshoot problems with the program and students found it difficult to use, thereby decreasing voter turnout. With OrgSync, elections became easier than ever, and Furman University has seen dramatic increases in voter turnout for every election.

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