2014 Campus Of The Year: Washington State University

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We are very pleased to honor Washington State University as the 2014 Campus of the Year! This new award recognized a campus partner that continuously strives to explore, grow, and learn within the platform. In their application below, WSU demonstrates how they are maximizing the benefits of OrgSync on their campus

Read about how Washington State University has implemented OrgSync.

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2014 Campus Of The Year

Campus Ot The Year Award

We are very pleased to honor Washington State University as the 2014 Campus of the Year! This new award recognized a campus partner that continuously strives to explore, grow, and learn within the platform. In their application below, WSU demonstrates how they are maximizing the benefits of OrgSync on their campus.

What makes you an outstanding OrgSync campus?

Washington State University (WSU) has grown the numbers of users in the OrgSync community each year. In this time we have continued to use features and benefits that help make our lives easier, allowing us to be great ambassadors for the service and how it can make work more efficient. One of the greatest advantages it has given us is the ability to connect with our students. We can work through OrgSync to help students gather opinions from their peers, build a history of activities to refer back to when students try to get jobs or to apply for graduate school, can help keep our student organizations more organized, and provide a way for them to manage their own activities. OrgSync has made our world smaller at WSU, and we think that is a good thing.

What OrgSync initiatives or programs have you implemented and how have they been successful?

WSU has worked very hard to integrate its campus community onto OrgSync, and the number of students, faculty, and staff utilizing OrgSync continues to grow. As incoming students prepare for their freshman year, they are required to come to campus for our Alive! Campus Orientation sessions. During these campus visits students receive their Cougar Card and are automatically added, via Card Swipe, to our campus community and have a personal profile within OrgSync providing them access to resources, student organizations, and entry ways to the various departments and programs active within OrgSync at WSU.

WSU-Pullman now has 24,934 users in its community and the total WSU population on OrgSync is over 30,000 members. OrgSync has been fully adopted on all five WSU branch campuses, including the WSU Global campus for online students. At every turn we encourage students to use OrgSync to access both campus and community engagement opportunities through civic engagement and volunteering, seeking out campus events and student organizations, connecting with peers, building a resume, and enhancing their student organizations. We have even gone as far as hiring marketing coordinators to not only help us with our departmental marketing, but also marketing the benefits and features of OrgSync to our campus community.

We are ambassadors of OrgSync and we continue to show the variety of ways it can be used at institutions across the nation.

Which OrgSync features have been the most beneficial to your campus and why?

OrgSync has many great features and we have begun to explore how many of them help make our lives easier each day.

File Storage

Being able to store files that are then made available to members of our communities has made life easier for our student organizations. This process has allowed us to share important information to help manage risk at events. We have also been able to use the file storage as a cloud to help students stay connected to the forms that they would normally access in the office.

Card Swipe

Using the Card Swipe feature has given us the power to understand more about who we are reaching in the campus community to come out and attend our events. We can now learn if our events are attended more by Freshman or Juniors, identify repeat participants, and also discover where are students are living so we can focus our marketing efforts and become more efficient in how we communicate around campus.

Service Module

The service module has been an incredible success at WSU. Students are able to search and sign-up for service projects and placements with over 320 active community partner portals. These community partners provide 965 unique opportunities for community engagement and service. Over 7,500 students have participated in these opportunities and we anticipate the total number of service hours topping 80,000 this year! This impact has been felt throughout the local community, and considering our work with online students, the region and the state.

Forms & Events

We also use OrgSync to get students to sign up for conferences, retreats, and other events around campus. Creating a form is easy and getting students to use the form to sign up for the events where we need clear and accurate information is always one of the greatest benefits of the system. The forms allow us to manage risk for these various events, helping us provide safe experiences that enhance our students’ experience.

The OrgSync forms feature has also been utilized for staff evaluations, workflow and risk management processes, award nominations, and for survey and feedback forms which are used in departmental assessments.

At WSU we continue to find ways to emphasize the greatest features and benefits of OrgSync to help make our lives easier each and every day.

What other areas of campus utilize OrgSync and how has it positively impacted them?

WSU utilizes OrgSync across all five branch campuses. At WSU-Pullman, OrgSync is used by departments throughout campus, including Student Involvement, Greek Life, Civic Engagement, Residence Life, Student Union Building, Sports Clubs, International Programs, University Recreation, Multicultural Student Services, Access Center, and Health & Wellness Services, etc.

For many groups across campus it’s the easy for students that brings people to using OrgSync. Departments and programs can share who they are and what they do, while also giving students direct and easy access to their resources. OrgSync is also a way to communicate with real staff, ask questions, make new connections, and advertise events and activities through the news feed. It gives people who don’t have very much extra time the ability to make a larger impact with just a small investment in time. Efficiency and ease of access to our community is where OrgSync continues to shine within WSU.

Please share any additional information about your campus’ use of OrgSync.

One area of WSU that continually benefits from the existence of OrgSync on our campus is the Risk Management Advisory Committee. This group meets regularly each week to evaluate risk within University activities. This group discusses student events, and the information that gets presented is usually collected from the event registration process in OrgSync. Many of our reviewers are on this committee, and it helps for them to be involved and knowledgeable from the beginning of each request so they can make better, more informed decisions regarding risk at student events. Plus, with the new changes that our Student Involvement office is making by working with the OrgSync developers, many other parts of the University Risk Management team are taking notice. They see how fluid the process is to get information to campus officials, and how easy it has become to have the whole conversation documented for the benefit of both the student and the University. Other parts of the University, specifically the academic departments, are beginning to look into the idea of incorporating OrgSync into their process for scheduling academic events and managing risk.

Campus Info

  • Institution: Washington State University
  • Institution Type: 4-Year, Public
  • Full-Time Enrollment: 30,000+
  • Number of Portals: 600+
  • Add-On Features: Five Departmental Umbrellas, Service Management, Card Swipe, Website Design