Campus Spotlight: UNG Dahlonega Campus

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Campus Spotlight: University of North Georgia Dahlonega


Prior to implementing OrgSync, the University of North Georgia Dahlonega Campus had 113 student groups. All of the paperwork for new organizations or renewals was being processed by one person, Jemima Fortune, Coordinator of Student Leadership & Commuter Services. “We were doing everything the ancient way,” she said. All of the club renewals were being processed manually on an Excel worksheet, and Jemima was solely responsible for typing in each individual field.

Ultimately, the University needed a platform that could help streamline that process and act as a centralized location where students could find more information about any group on campus. Student groups were operating an older, outdated website that frustrated users. “I would say OrgSync has helped cut down the time to manage that process by more than 50%,” she said. Since it’s initial rollout in 2011, OrgSync has been expanded across all three University of North Georgia campuses and is being utilized by over 250 departments and organizations.


  • OrgSync’s API is utilized to update student data and make sure individual user profile data matches the University’s SIS. The OrgSync API ensures data is consistent across all campus platforms.
  • Three of the four campuses are represented in OrgSync with their own Umbrella. The Dahlonega campus was first to implement the platform, and Gainesville and Oconee later joined.
  • The University of North Georgia has created an OrgSync Advisory Council that meets at least once a month to help implement and promote the platform to students.
  • OrgSync’s News feature has been extremely helpful to commuter students (nearly 85% of the Dahlonega campus) because it is a quick and easy way to stay in the loop about what is happening on campus.
  • Jemima encourages students to utilize OrgSync banners to their fullest. Anytime an organization has an event going her student worker will posts event details on OrgSync.
  • Assigning credit for events is very important to students at the University of North Georgia. Students actively track hours in OrgSync so they can apply those involvement hours towards community service requirements.
  • The University of North Georgia Gainesville campus uses Card Swipe in the academic center and all of their tutoring labs to keep track of when students are utilizing tutoring services.
  • New this year at the Dahlonega campus is a marketing campaign called OrgTober. OrgTober is designed to “help organizations learn the ins and outs of OrgSync.” Each week in OrgTober is centered around a specific feature or aspect of the platform and participating organizations compete for prizes. The month is culminated in a Halloween-themed party promoting OrgSync.

Campus Info

  • Institution Type: Public, four-year institution
  • Full-Time Enrollment: Approximately 6,100 students
  • Number of Portals: Approximately 320
  • OrgSync Member Since: 2011
  • Product Usage: • Additional Umbrellas
    • Card Swipe
    • API
    • Authentication

“I believe in the product...But, it’s not even about the product for me. It’s about the people behind the product, the vision behind the product, and the customer service behind the product. There’s always somebody there to answer my questions.”

Jemima Fortune
Coordinator of Student Leadership & Commuter Services

Future Plans

Jemima hopes to further OrgSync on campus by integrating it into their elections process. She hopes to utilize the platform for everything from SGA elections and homecoming elections to campus-wide awards.

OrgSync Structure

OrgSync is flexible and can be configured to mirror the existing framework of your campus. The University of North Georgia’s OrgSync community is organized under three primary umbrellas: Gainesville Campus, Oconee Campus, and Dahlonega Campus. Check out how they structure OrgSync and all of the areas on campus utilizing the platform.