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Nearly 40 full time staff, over 30 part time student staff, and 40 student officials manage The Students’ Union at the University of Calgary. Henry Rosvick, Coordinator of Student Organizations, is responsible for managing over 300 student organizations and their activities on and off campus. This includes relationships with external vendors, internal partnerships with catering and the conference center as well as handling all risk management.

OrgSync, renamed ClubHub, was brought to campus as a paperless solution to help the Students’ Union club system become more organized as the previous paper system had become outdated and impossible to manage due to volume. “The biggest motivation for us was the online forms. The immediate feedback we receive is an extremely valuable asset,” said Henry. Utilizing his software engineering background, Henry has since made use of the OrgSync API to expand the platform to other areas of need and to gather valuable reporting metrics for club performance evaluations.


  • All forms, reporting, and advertising for clubs and Students' Union events have been moved online.
  • All club resources are now available in a central online location, making it easy for students to access important information.
  • Clubs can take advantage of the workroom booking system via the OrgSync API. This alleviates the need for a completely separate room reservation system. Students can easily fill out an OrgSync form, which is then automatically checked for approval.
  • Administrators can easily track inquiries and give clubs faster, more timely responses. As a result, service levels and response times have increased.
  • The ClubHub public website lists all of the available clubs and makes it easy for students to stay up to date. Henry can control all website content, alleviating the need to wait on an outside department to make updates.
  • Henry created a customized annual report utilizing the OrgSync reporting metrics. This unique report helps to make better funding decisions, identify problem areas, and track progress of the club system.

Product Usage

  • Add-on products purchased: API
  • Favorite tools: Forms, Website Builder, Reports, API

Campus Info

  • Institution: Students’ Union, University of Calgary
  • Enrollment: 31,300+
  • Number of Clubs: 300+
  • OrgSync Member Since: 2012

“OrgSync is great because it allows us to centralize everything in one place and eliminates our paper usage.”

Henry Rosvick
Coordinator, Student Organizations