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The University of Texas at Dallas launched OrgSync in 2009. In their first summer of implementing the platform, administrators opened it up to only a small group of students as a way to test it and gain valuable student feedback. This test group eventually bore powerful student advocates when it was released more broadly in the fall. “You need some students on your team to promote it to the rest of the campus,” said Tineil Lewis, Assistant Director of Student Activities and OrgSync Project Manager. The Student Organization Center has since launched four major marketing campaigns, all supported by a variety of give-aways (flyers, t-shirts, prizes, green Kool-Aid mix, and a branded cooler).

Marketing Campaigns

  • Freshman Orientation: As new students and their families traveled through the student org fair, the student organization table distributed information related to OrgSync. Students could enter a drawing for prizes simply by registering in OrgSync early. The goal of this program was to get new students on board and involved before they even begin their first semester.
  • Pimp Your Page: This contest was a way to get students using OrgSync’s website builder. The top three dynamic websites built by student organizations in OrgSync won cash prizes. In its second year, 14 OrgSync websites qualified to participate.
  • OrgSync Koolaid: The OrgSync Koolaid program is central to UTD’s marketing efforts. Set up in the Student Union, Student Organization Center representatives handed out OrgSync flyers and green OrgSync-themed Koolaid. Their end goal was to generate awareness of the platform and sign up as many students as possible.
  • Six Weeks of OrgSync: Six Weeks of OrgSync kicked off with the OrgSync Koolaid promotion in the Student Union. It was then supported by an open house, and went into full effect with six consecutive weeks of OrgSync competitions and accompanying prizes. Administrators and student leaders offered food, flyers, and prizes as incentives to participate. In it’s first year, 65 student organizations participated.

Product Usage

  • Active Portals: 285
  • Areas of Campus on Board: Student Organizations, Student Government, Student Union and Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB), Student Success Center (Student Writing Center and Supplemental Instructors), Volunteer Center, School of Management, Residence Life, Recreational Sports, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Campus Info

  • Institution: University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
  • Institution Type: Public, four-year institution
  • Full-Time Enrollment: Approximately 15,800 students
  • Number of Student Organizations: 230+
  • OrgSync Member Since: 2009

"For UTD, it is about getting people to drink the OrgSync Kool-Aid. You need to highlight the benefits. And not just the benefits to the office that is over it."

Tineil Lewis,
Assistant Director of Student Activities/OrgSync Project Manager