Connecting Fraternity and Sorority Life Communities with OrgSync

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Connecting Fraternity and Sorority Life Communities with OrgSync

One of the challenges in Fraternity and Sorority communities is managing disparate groups that operate on different systems for their national organization operations. The Greek Life offices at the College of Charleston and Samford University found the same solution—allow chapters to maintain their separate systems, but require on-campus information to be unified in OrgSync.

“It really does help if all the groups are on the same platform,” said Katherine Pezzella, Assistant Director of Greek Life at the College of Charleston. Now that students are using OrgSync, they are excited and have taken an interest in shaping their own online portals.

Dr. Denny Bubrig, Director of Greek Life at Samford University, agreed. He said there was some initial “hand-holding” to get groups on board, but now that they are, they can’t imagine using something else. “I’ve been told a few times that they’ll be in trouble if Samford ever goes away from OrgSync,” he said with a laugh.

Creating Transparency

Chapters and Councils have a lot of paperwork to keep up with. By moving to OrgSync, files can transfer to the new officers seamlessly and instantly—no overstuffed binders to lose when someone graduates.

“Continuity between officer transitions has been a big deal. I’ve already seen it improve from our honor societies. Their bylaws, the application, and other forms they need are in OrgSync automatically,” Pezzella said. “It’s really nice to have that shared space where they can just log in and see those documents right away. There’s just so much history with a whole year’s worth of work.”

At Samford University, the students have really made the most of the files tool. “Some chapters have taken the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach with files and dumped all their files in there,” Bubrig said. “It’s really added to the level of transparency for the Councils.” It’s also saved paper. Rather than printing out the minutes for each meeting, he posts them to the portal, to be downloaded as they are needed.

Easy Elections

Pezzella started by moving officer elections for Councils and nominations for honor societies to OrgSync forms. She creates a nomination form, and students can nominate their peers digitally at any time. All the nominations are sent directly to her for review, and she is able to select the winners, simplifying the process and saving her a great deal of time.

Bubrig is using the same style of form for the Greek Awards packet. One of the main advantages he has seen has been the increased access online forms provide. “Students don’t have to run the risk of having to stop by the office and me not being in. It helps them from a time management sense and creates a lot more accessibility,” he said.

Streamline Event Registration

From an administrative perspective, simplifying event registration has been the greatest benefit of OrgSync. Originally, Pezzella’s event registration form for a required off-campus Greek Leadership Institute retreat required extensive information and created a lot of paperwork. With OrgSync, she could move it all online, and the completed forms are automatically archived for future reference. She no longer has to manually check each form, print and file paper copies, or allow the forms to be turned in only during her office hours.

“It’s made the students a lot more self-sufficient, and they’re learning to check OrgSync before asking me for something.”

Katherine Pezzella
Assistant Director of Greek Life College of Charleston

Bubrig used to have a paper process for event requests, with a form for each event. Now, he says, “I don’t have hard copies of registration forms; I know we’ve pumped out 600 events this calendar year, so that would have been hardcopy paper forms for every event.” It’s dramatically simplified his event process and helped him create a comprehensive event calendar that is posted to the Greek Life website.

Direct Engagement

Samford University found some creative ways to use OrgSync polls. Facing a difficult decision about rescheduling Greek Week, Bubrig created a poll and asked the community for their opinions. “We got about 25% of the community to respond, and it was overwhelming,” he said.

The poll assured leadership that switching the date was a good idea, and Bubrig followed the first poll with a second—this time a multiple-choice poll for students to choose which events they wanted for Greek Week. It was such a success, they also voted on the Greek Week t-shirt design through OrgSync; using the share feature on OrgSync, Bubrig promoted the poll on Facebook and Twitter to further increase the number of student respondents.

Save Time

Switching to OrgSync has helped Pezzella, who is currently the only person running her office. Her supervisor works in a different office across campus, but with OrgSync, he can check in on event and program details without leaving the office.

“It has really cut down the amount of time doing things I shouldn’t have to spend time on. I can export that spreadsheet and run. I hosted six identical conferences. They could be registering up until a half hour before it started, and I could just export that list and use it as a sign-up sheet,” she said, rather than the much slower paper process she used previously.

It’s also been a help for her students. “It’s made the students a lot more self-sufficient, and they’re learning to check OrgSync before asking me for something,” she said.

Even though Pezzella and Bubrig are using many of the tools in OrgSync, Bubrig says, “We’re only scratching maybe 40 or 50 percent of what we could do with this. We can do so much more!”

"Students don’t have to run the risk of having to stop by the office and me not being in. It helps them from a time management sense and creates a lot more accessibility.”

- Dr. Denny Bubrig
Director of Greek Life Samford University