Creative Automation with OrgSync's API

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Creative Automation with OrgSync's API

Full Sail University has made the most of their OrgSync Application Programming Interface (API) add-on, building a completely automated system to manage their more than 25,000 students.

Their customized solution, called PuppetMaster, is more in-depth than most of our Campus Partners would need, but we are astounded by their creativity. Their work really demonstrates OrgSync’s flexibility and adaptability to fit the needs of any campus

Unique Needs

Full Sail has a large online student population as well as students who study on-campus. When it was time to update some legacy software, administrators thought they might have to build from the ground up—but then they found OrgSync.

OrgSync’s features—and the ability to build custom add-ons with the API—made it the perfect fit for Full Sail’s needs. “We definitely came out in the plus; it’s a helluva lot better than trying to write it ourselves. Your team has written a lot of cool features that we wouldn’t have been able to do,” said Andrew Barras, User Experience Designer at Full Sail.

PuppetMaster is Barras’ creation. Even with all of OrgSync’s abilities, Full Sail had some special requests: they wanted administrators to more directly manage which portals a student was in. For example, when a student joins campus for the first time, they are automatically sorted into a “Getting Started”portal. As they move through their program, PuppetMaster adjusts, and moves them from group to group.

A Custom Solution

OrgSync’s API, which creates a secure way to transfer data between OrgSync and other systems, provided an answer. Using the API, Barras at Full Sail built a program he calls PuppetMaster.

PuppetMaster integrates with OrgSync as well as the campus Student Information System and several databases. When something changes in OrgSync or one of the other systems, PuppetMaster consults a set of rules and makes updates as needed.

For example, administrators at Full Sail wanted all students to be included in certain portals, such as Career Development, Support, and Financial Aid. If a student accidentally leaves the Support portal, PuppetMaster will detect that, check its internal rules, and put the student back in, all within five minutes. Similarly, an advisor is automatically put into a portal with all students under their leadership, without administrators having to manually make the adjustment.

Andrew Barras User Experience Designer Full Sail University

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How PuppetMaster Works

PuppetMaster is a separate program created with open-source PhP, MySQL, and Java, built in about six months’ time by a full-time IT employee. In the first four months it was running, PuppetMaster completed just under one million operations.