Full Campus Implementation at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

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Full Campus Implementation at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Penn State Behrend joined OrgSync in May 2010 with a full-time enrollment of 4,500 students. Just over a year later, there were 130 organizations on campus and over 2,700 users in OrgSync.

Problem Analysis

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, the second largest four-year college in the Penn State System, found OrgSync after surveying their students and discovering that they demanded a solution to get involved and improve the connections with organizations on campus. In addition, the campus struggled with student involvement and co-curricular involvement tracking and had to reference out-of-date paper files to find any evidence of co-curricular participation.

Why OrgSync?

One of the key reasons the campus chose to go with OrgSync is because it gave students a centralized platform to discover new ways to get involved, find the information they need, and track their co-curricular involvement. The campus also cited the following reasons:

  • Centralized location to manage all clubs and organizations
  • Student acceptance of OrgSync’s solution during the sales process
  • Mass text messaging to reach students on their mobile phones
  • Archiving student information previously lost in the paper shuffle


OrgSync has significantly increased student involvement and organization management at Penn State Behrend. In fact, the campus has seen campus-wide event attendance double as a result of promoting and centralizing activities on OrgSync. Students are now able to be more active and connected to their campus with the improved accessibility to information from multiple departments across campus. Departments are now able to operate more efficiently by transferring many of their paper-based processes online, allowing them to allocate more time and resources to students.


As soon as OrgSync was implemented on campus, every club and organization was immediately required to register to be recognized by the campus. Soon after, the organizations and administrators were utilizing the community management system to publicize events, process registration forms and communicate with students.

Nicole Fedders, Coordinator of Student Organizations, realized that not only could the Clubs and Organizations benefit from using OrgSync, but multiple other departments across campus could improve their processes as well.

Specific Department Usage


Implement the annual Behrend Leadership Conference for 80 to 100 students on campus and centralize key conference applications such as registration and events management.


Manage and track student volunteer hours and reach out to non-profits in the area to determine level of need and connect students to service opportunities.


Transfer Greek award nominations online for the selection committee to quickly process and announce their selections; judges can also get an excel spreadsheet with all the data.


Leverage ePortfolios to help students track their development and progress over time; academic and career planning counseling sessions are centered around the ePortfolio.


Pull an RSS feed of community-wide events and showcase them on digital signage across campus as well as utilize the calendar to promote events to local media outlets.


Track service hours that went along with class objectives and post assignments for students to complete using the forms module that the professors could then grade.


Centralize information for all clubs and organizations, making it easier for any student to discover and manage their involvement on campus.


Track office hours for each committee member to meet requirements and centralize meeting minutes for students to recap on discussions held.


Fundraise for future events held on campus and provide sports clubs with portals to communicate with members and manage their teams.


Enable resident advisors to fill out all forms, including disciplinary resident forms, manage programming and hall councils, and communicate with their halls using text messaging.


Transfer advisor applications online and encourage incoming students to join OrgSync during orientation sessions as part of their transition to Behrend to maximize adoption.


Execute an annual national conference hosted at Behrend by processing attendee registration forms and preparing for conference activities and events.

Success Story

“OrgSync makes it easier to manage everything that goes along with being a student leader. It gives our students the tools they need to track their involvement in a consolidated way, including managing their organizations. OrgSync is helping our student leaders produce skills they will need after graduation... OrgSync has also allowed the departments at Penn State Behrend to begin archiving student involvement data that is easy to access, streamlined and doesn’t require the need of any paper. Every department can be integrated into OrgSync because of how flexible the solution is.”

Best Practices For

  • Discover events on campus
    via community wide calendar.

  • Gain skills they need to
    become better student leaders.

  • Imrprove event planning to
    increase awarness and turnout.

  • Access department specific
    forms online at any time.

  • Communicate instantly with
    memebers via text messaging.

  • Archive student data and
    track individual student participation.

  • Gain feedback on events
    and initiatives with polls and discussions.

  • Promote events on community
    calendar to improve engagement.

  • TTransfer processes online to
    eliminate the need for paper records.

  • Transfer processes assess the
    effectiveness of campus events and programming.