Going Paperless at Lamar University

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Going Paperless at Lamar University

Home to more than 13,000 students, Lamar University is one of the fastest growing higher education institutions in Texas. This doctoral degree granting institution is largely a commuter campus and offers more than 100 programs of study. Lamar University joined OrgSync in the summer of 2010, and within one year OrgSync became an integral part of campus life.

The Problem


Lamar University sought out the services of a community management platform as they struggled with rising print costs and tracking student involvement data. The campus also recognized the need to evolve in this current digital age, and the students were expecting a web-based system that would provide them access to important information online and in real-time. The Solution

The Solution


Lamar University initially chose OrgSync because of the forms module and co-curricular transcripts. Immediately after OrgSync was implemented on campus, the student life department began using the forms module to turn their office paperless. Within one year, they had transitioned 28 forms online across all areas of campus. Moreover, the responses increased dramatically as it gave Lamar University the ability to meet the students where they were, online.

Many of the daily processes have now been taken online and the use of OrgSync has expanded into multiple areas of campus including: campus recreation, fraternity & sorority life, orientation, and student leadership & development.

  • Who's Who Applications
  • Orientation Advisory Applications

“In less than a year, OrgSync has redefined how we serve students. When someone on Campus says go to ‘OrgSync’, everyone knows what they are talking about; it has taken over the campus!”

- Jay Lambert

The Results


Utilizing digital forms, registration and communications tools within OrgSync resulted in a cost savings that more than covered the investment in OrgSync. “In our Student Center / Activities Office alone, we have seen our copy machine usage drop from a 2009-2010 usage of 81,095 copies to a 2010-2011 usage of 39,613. Our outside printing costs have also dropped from $2,325 to $1,048,” states Jay Lambert, assistant VP of Student Affairs at Lamar University.


The most impactful benefit however, is that more students have started to apply for various programs and organizations on campus. More importantly, many of these are students the campus staff has never seen or met before. OrgSync has helped get them into the system and opened doors for a new group of students. Applications for leadership activities and community assistant positions have more than doubled since OrgSync was brought to campus. Students now feel more comfortable getting involved, and it is so easy to do so that more and more students are participating in campus activities every day.

Success Story

“In less than a year, OrgSync has redefined how we serve students. When someone on Campus says go to ‘OrgSync’, everyone knows what they are talking about; it has taken over the campus! I was talking to our Senior Associate Provost a few weeks ago about a student joining one of the groups he advises and said, ‘just have them go to OrgSync.’ We are doing so much with it and know that we have only begun to scratch the surface; our campus is only using about 30-40% of everything OrgSync has to offer.”