Running Elections Through OrgSync

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Running Elections Through OrgSync

Furman University administrators saved time and increased voter turnout by running elections through OrgSync.

OrgSync Makes Elections Easier

Before purchasing OrgSync, Furman University used another online program for elections that was “cumbersome, clunky, and not intuitive,” according to Scott Derrick, Director of Student Activities and the University Center. During elections, administrators frequently had to troubleshoot problems with the program and students found it difficult to use, thereby decreasing voter turnout. After implementing OrgSync on campus, administrators found they could use the program for elections as well. With OrgSync, elections became easier than ever to run and Furman University saw dramatic increases in voter turnout for every election.

Creating Elections Is Simple

To prepare for elections through OrgSync, student accounts were imported into OrgSync in one of four class portals and SAML authentication was set-up to create a single-sign-on option for students. Creating the election in OrgSync was simple: campus administrators created a form for each election and pushed an email out to the appropriate students with instructions on how to vote. According to Scott Derrick, setting up the elections was “quick, painless, and took only 15 minutes to complete.”

Freshman and Homecoming Elections Are A Success

Furman University initially decided to use OrgSync for its Freshman Class elections. Historically, the freshmen on campus have been difficult to engage in campus activities and elections, so administrators were eager to see the results of using a new program. The day of the freshman elections passed with no problems and within two days, the elections were complete with a 200% increase in voters.

After the success of the Freshman Class elections, the Student Activities department used OrgSync for Homecoming elections, which encompassed the entire student body and included several more rounds in the elections process. “We had 50% more voters this year for Homecoming elections. I attribute this to how easy it was to vote on OrgSync,” said Scott Derrick. Given the success of running elections through OrgSync, Furman University plans to use the program to run its Student Government elections in the Spring.

"We had 50% more voters this year for Homecoming elections. I attribute this to how easy it was to vote on OrgSync."

- Scott Derrick

How to Run Elections with OrgSync

  1. Create an OrgSync form for each round of the elections.
  2. Determine your electorate and ensure they have access to the form.
  3. Promote your elections and send out voting instructions.
  4. Students begin voting; monitor the progress of each election with graphs.
  5. Analyze results and announce your new campus leaders.