UCLA Creates a More Efficient, Informed Staff - Using OrgSync to Manage Your Department

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UCLA Creates a More Efficient, Informed Staff - Using OrgSync to Manage Your Department

UCLA, a public, four-year university, is California’s largest with an enrollment of nearly 38,000 undergraduate and graduate students. After already finding success using OrgSync to engage students on campus, the UCLA Recreation Department decided to try it out as a way to manage their staff. After the first year, they have nearly all full-time staff participating and more than half of their part-time staff participating. Employees are actively involved in creating content and all staff members have access to a central, shared calendar.

The Need

The Recreation Sports Department at UCLA needed an easy way to organize and communicate with over 1000 full- and part-time employees. There wasn’t a private space for the staff, all websites were for public consumption, and using the shared drive was a nightmare because files were not organized and it was hard to manage. Additionally, the current content management system for their website was not user friendly. They needed an effective way to manage files and communicate internally.

“There wasn’t a website for the staff. All of our websites were outer-facing. The idea was, ‘it’s for the public.’ Rarely did we have a site that was an internal site. Anytime you said ‘it’s on the shared drive,’ you were likely to never find it again. We needed something [that would help us] share knowledge. So we created the Recreation Staff Central Portal.”

Kenn Heller
Associate Director of Innovation and Assistant Dean of Students, UCLA

The OrgSync Solution

The Recreation Staff Portal was created under the Recreation Sports umbrella, since they had a few unused portals. Along the way, other specific parts of the program, such as customer relations, have created their own portal under the same umbrella. As a closed-access portal, it is only available to employees and houses their important files, calendars, events, and forms. It provides much easier access than using a shared drive and is now a central knowledge location for the department.

Centralized Calendar

Previously, event information was emailed out to staff members, but because not all staff members were consistently checking their inbox, the department had poor attendance at required events. With OrgSync, all department members have access to an individualized calendar with meeting dates, training dates, deadlines, and more.

“To me the calendar was huge. It’s so frustrating when you talk to someone that is not at something they were supposed to attend and they say they didn’t know about it. With the OrgSync Calendar, we can track attendance and see who has RSVPed to the event. The centralized calendar has worked very well for us.”

Jason Zeck
Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and Assistant Dean of Students, UCLA

Paperless and Trackable Incident Reports

Incident reports were previously submitted through paper and were a hassle to organize, track, and store. OrgSync allowed the department to create an online submission form for incident reports through the department staff portal so they can immediately follow-up, track resolutions, and access archived reports. UCLA can now spot patterns, like iPhones repeatedly disappearing from the locker room, and come up with a viable solution.

Digital Summer Internship Applications

The department receives hundreds of summer intern applications from all over the country, and it is difficult to keep them organized. Using an OrgSync form, summer intern applicants were able to submit their information online, and the larger benefit is that the interns already have an OrgSync login when they are hired. Additionally, all of the staff involved in the selection process can easily access the applications and users can keep track of selection committee reviews.

Special Event Page

In order to keep staff excited about using OrgSync and actively logging into their portal, UCLA Recreation created a “Special Event Highlight Page” to highlight their end of year recognition banquet. Staff members can view past winners and see the criteria to win the awards. This process works well as a way to recognize staff members and promote their achievements.

Staff Communication Log

Zeck stated they did not originally consider using the wall as a staff log. Staff started using this feature on their own as a daily log to track what shipments arrive or vital news other employees needed to know before starting their shift. This usage eliminates the need to always check email, and instead creates a central place to access information.

“It’s amazing to see when our staff look at the different features of OrgSync and realize how they can think outside the box to utilize those features.”

Jason Zeck
Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and Assistant Dean of Students, UCLA

The Results - A More Connected and Informed Staff.

Since implementing the staff portal, almost 100% of their full-time staff and more than half of their part-time staff are actively involved in the department happenings.

The UCLA Recreation Department Staff now have:
  • Easy-to-access information so staff are informed of what is happening within the department
  • A central location to post information that allows for multiple people to author content without having to use a web-centric content manager
  • Tools to promoting knowledge management and promotion of shared knowledge of department culture
  • Access to a centralized calendar with meeting dates, training dates, and deadlines

“It’s a central location to find just about everything. Staff no longer have to navigate a shared drive, they go to the portal and look on the pages or files to get their information.”

Jason Zeck
Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and Assistant Dean of Students, UCLA