OrgSync is not just a product; it’s a team of people passionate about technology and student involvement.

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Where we came from

OrgSync was founded in 2007 by former student leaders at the University of Texas and began out of a 5-bedroom house in Austin, TX. After years of frustrations running organizations on campus, Eric Fortenberry and Cayce Stone founded OrgSync to centralize everything a student organization would need to operate online. Communication, event planning and overall member engagement were challenging, and we knew there had to be a better way…

Eric and Cayce moved into a 5-bedroom house in North Austin and recruited three other close friends to help them realize their vision. The team did not have any money beyond what their credit cards could hold, and moving in together allowed them to live off the Company. Rent was only $1,650 and with all bills and food included, the Company’s operating expense was roughly $2,500 per month, which was just enough to keep the five person team alive and working hard to build OrgSync.

Where we are today

OrgSync has quickly become the standard for helping students get involved on campus. Today we are headquartered in Dallas, TX and now operate from an actual corporate office! Our rapidly growing team consists of more than 40 professionals and continues to expand as we grow our customer base.

Our user base has seen tremendous growth since our humble beginnings. We now have 400+ campus partners, 80,000+ student organizations, and 3,500,000+ student users. OrgSync has also expanded internationally and established partnerships with institutions in Canada, Qatar, and Australia.

Where we are going

Engaging students in campus life expands beyond the role of Student Activities. As such, we are beginning to help our campus partners expand the use of OrgSync across multiple areas of their institution to create a true Campus Engagement Network that gives students one place to go manage all of their out-of-the-classroom involvement.

Moving forward, we will continue improving and expanding our platform to revolutionize the way campuses operate and students get connected. Our goal is to make OrgSync a household name in every institution across the United States and internationally.