Technical Support

We view every client as a collaborative, long-term partner. OrgSync is committed to providing each of our partners with continual support as needed to help set the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. In addition to all of our administrator training and student leader trainings, we offer unparalleled customer support.

Virtual Trainings

We hold complimentary training sessions each week to walk your students, faculty, and staff through the most popular tools available to manage campus departments, programs and organizations. These trainings provide attendees with a basic understanding of OrgSync’s portal administrator tools.

Website Builder Training

Our weekly website builder trainings for departmental and organization websites are a great way to teach students and staff how to create a public website that can be easily updated through OrgSync.

Technical Support for IT

Throughout the initial setup, we provide regular communication with your IT department to set up authentication, API, Card Swipe, and additional services that are integrated with OrgSync. We have numerous resources to help with any questions you and your team may have.

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Help Desk

We have developed a robust online help desk allowing you to get help with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. Our Help Desk enables all members of your institution to learn how to use the OrgSync tools through a combination of text articles and video walkthroughs. The Help Desk is also a place to connect with other administrators or students to share best practices or ask for advice from other professionals in the field.

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Phone Support


Our support line is always open for you to call.



Report problems, ask questions or make suggestions to help us improve the site.

Live Chat

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Get quick feedback without having to pick up the phone by chatting online directly with one of our technical support representatives.