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Card Swipe

OrgSync's card swipe technology integrates into the events tool to help you seamlessly track attendance for each student.

OrgSync’s card swipe is compatible with most magnetic card readers, as well as proximity or barcode scanners. Additionally, it works in both wired and wireless environments.

Easy to Use

Using card swipe is easy. Rather than set up a similar in-house attendance tracker – which would require constant attention from your campus IT department, making the process expensive and time-consuming — your campus can use card swipe at any event with little to no IT involvement.

Swipe In / Swipe Out

Students can swipe in and out from an event, streamlining the process of tracking hours and save valuable time. With swipe in /swipe out, administrators can automatically build timesheets to track credit hours for students.

Measure the Return on Involvement

Knowing what events students are attending can help provide valuable retention data points to gain an even greater understanding of student performance. Swiping into events easily allows campuses to develop quantitative standards to measure the ROI of programs and initiatives using Data Browser.

How it Works:


1. Purchase Card Readers

OrgSync does not sell card swipe hardware, but our campus partners have reported good results with a few varieties that we have documented on the helpdesk. Any card swiper used must feature keyboard emulation for compatibility purposes. If you aren’t sure if your swiper will work with OrgSync, contact your Campus Consultant.


2. Synchronize Student Data with OrgSync

There are two ways to transition student data into OrgSync. We recommend using our API to create access to automate the process or work with our team to perform semesterly data imports.


3. Admin Creates Event

For campuses that choose card swipe, events will have card swipe enabled automatically. Campus administrators can manage all cards under the “Settings” tab in the umbrella.


4. Swipe Students In and Out

Administrators can track student participation faster and easier. OrgSync systematically records attendance in real-time when students swipe in and tracks hours as well when using swipe out.

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