Keep a detailed record of your organization’s financial health with a tool similar to a ledger.

Checkbooks allow you to view a detailed record of your organization’s historical financial transactions and plan for future programs and opportunities. You can also customize the settings to let members view how their money is being allocated throughout the year.

Multiple Checkbooks

Create multiple checkbooks to track and organize various parts of your organization's finances. Each checkbook lets you record an unlimited number of transactions and operate independently of one another.

Transaction Records

Record the date, description, and dollar amount owed or paid for each transaction within a preset checkbook. Each entry will automatically calculate a new balance and all transactions will be centralized in one place.

Export to Excel

Download an export of all checkbooks and transaction entries to Excel at anytime for instant reporting.

Revenue Funds

Revenue Funds

The Revenue Fund is a rolling balance of funds attached to a particular organization. Revenue Funds carry a running balance and are not constrained to budget periods. Umbrella administrators can manually add and remove money from Revenue Funds in organizations. Funds can also be programmatically managed through the OrgSync checkbooks API.

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