A classification is a community-wide tag on a user.

Classifications are a great way to distinguish between various types of people on your campus, such as students, alumni, faculty, staff, and more.

Improve Targeting

Classifications can be used to customize Community Home so the content is more relevant for each user. Community administrators can determine which portals populate the Offices, Feed, and other sections of Community Home to ensure a customized experience for each user.

Completely Customizable

Users do not have to be classified, or can have multiple classifications. As the community administrator, you have complete control over the tags you put on users. Examples of classifications include: Undergraduate, Graduate, Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Staff. In the case of a system of colleges, classifications could also be labeled as East Campus, West Campus and Online Campus.

Classifications are Private

Classifications are not visible to the user--only to community and umbrella administrators. We understand you don’t necessarily want individuals to know they have been tagged into a particular category. If you choose to tag a user as an Underrepresented Minority, High Risk Student, or First Generation Student, you can do so and it will only be visible to people with the appropriate access level.

Easy to Manage

Classifications can be managed through the API integration to create, update, and delete classifications. The API integration can also be used to add and remove users from classifications. You can also add users to classifications through imports and through Manage Users.

Using Classifications

On both the Community and Umbrella “Manage Users” page, users can be filtered by classification. Export classifications data with our User Exports.

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