Co-Curricular Transcripts

Generate a verified record of your involvement to document experiences gained outside the classroom.

Co-Curricular Transcripts can be used to provide speaking points for job interviews, apply to grad schools, and showcase leadership experiences. OrgSync provides three reports that each help to evaluate learning outcomes and reflect on out-of-the-classroom involvement.

Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official, verified version of your Co-Curricular Record. Because the Co-Curricular Transcript is an official university document, it must be verified and distributed by an administrator on campus.

Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record enables each student to highlight and reflect upon the most significant involvement experiences. Unlike the Co-Curricular Transcript, it is an unofficial copy and can be downloaded as a PDF at any time.

Full Involvement History

The Full Involvement History report provides a listing of everything a user has been involved in on campus. Users are able to download the report into PDF or Excel and may choose from advanced options to customize the information displayed.

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