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Data Browser

OrgSync’s Data Browser eliminates the hassle of combining spreadsheets or multiple data sources by bringing the ability to view, filter, sort, and export data right inside of OrgSync.

You can quickly browse available information, narrow your results, aggregate and graph data, save and share your customized reports, and even export the results in a variety of formats. These data views can be saved and run again later with fresh data. All of these features make it possible to enhance your current strategic planning, decision making, and institutional assessment practices.

Visualize the Numbers that Matter Most

Take your data one step further with the ability to view aggregate results. Simply select your resource, choose your filtering options, and view the calculations in Data Browser. Interested in knowing more, select a column and see the full results graphed in an easy to read chart. Just another example of how Data Browser does the number crunching for you and provides the results needed for your reports.

Create a One Stop
Data Shop

No more comparing spreadsheets or multiple data sources to find the information you need. With the Data Browser, you can quickly filter the vast amounts of data available in OrgSync creating a tailored report specific to the needs of your institution


Accelerate Report Requests

April, May, and even June can be extremely busy times on a college campus. Knowing this, OrgSync’s Data Browser has simplified organizing the data for your annual report. You can utilize the browser to quickly find only the information that you need to share for you annual report based on program success, learning development, or even demographic breakdowns.

Improve Visibility and Discoverability of Data

Spreadsheets with complex formulas and endless fields of data can be complicated and burdensome. The Data Browser allows you to easily view, filter, sort, and arrange data stored in OrgSync for daily, weekly, monthly , and annual reports. View only what you need, save and share your customized reports, and export only what you want.


Discover Organization Demographics

In order to better represent the student body, Student Government is trying to get as many majors represented in their committees as possible. Using the Data Browser, it is easy to see the majors of all those involved in Student Government to see which majors might be under or overrepresented.

Your institution is looking to promote a data point that represents the male and female representation of students in organizations on your campus. You can easily sort your custom profile data by Organization using the data browser to determine the number of males and females with membership in each organization.

Shape Assessment Practices

The Data Browser provides data for strategic planning, decision making, and institutional assessment. You can benchmark between programs, departments, and services, and even assess trends by looking at data by time period. And, being able to filter the data allows you to find more information specific to your needs. However you prefer to view your data, OrgSync’s Data Browser makes assessment fast and easy.


Explore Service at your Institution

Knowing the importance of how service is connected to creating a culture of civic responsibility, your institution has determined that this will become an institutional learning outcome and that the number of service hours will be a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of how the institution is performing. Using the involvement entries resource in the Data Browser, you can determine how many service hours have been generated at your institution in four simple clicks. Additionally, your custom profile information stored in OrgSync allows you to filter this KPI based on student demographic data, class year, college/school, organization, etc.