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Events + Calendars

One central location to manage your organization’s events and track attendance. The calendar’s clean design and advanced filtering options make searching for events a breeze.

Easily plan events on OrgSync to increase student turnout, improve campus-wide awareness, and save money by using the enhanced RSS feed to drive engagement through your digital display system.

Promote, Share and Post Events

Improve awareness for events across campus. From promoting your event on the campus-wide community calendar to sharing it on your website, social media outlets, and community home, OrgSync provides a number of ways to help you get the word out about your events.

Manage Risks

Build in administrative approval processes and set up notifications so that campus stakeholders are notified of events early. Approve or deny event requests and request additional information from students to meet insurance requirements. Organize your event request communication with students and other administrators through the streamlined conversation feature, no longer will you need to search through an email chain for important information.

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Organize, Filter, and Search Events

Categorize events by type and color to make them easy to find. Filter the events list by mixing and matching categories to know what's happening on campus. Find specific campus events using the responsive search feature that actively displays results.

Who, When, and Where



OrgSync systematically tracks all RSVPs. Events with limited space can set a limited number of RSVPs, and exclusive events can be marked as invite only. All RSVPs may be exported to an Excel file.


Make your event occur once or repeat as needed. Choose if your event should repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.


Add an address to your event, and your attendees can pull a Google map with directions to that location. Directions will start from the user’s address, which is pulled from their user profile.

Evaluate, Assess, and Report

Attach pre-event registration forms for students to fill out and confirm their RSVP; this is also your opportunity to collect any payments required to attend the event. Create post-event surveys to collect feedback to help improve your events year after year. Add reflections and learning outcomes to document and assess the impact of involvement on campus. Export event information to an Excel file at anytime including RSVPs, attendance lists, and participation hours assigned to each student.

» Learn about Involvement Tracking.

Communicate with RSVPs or Attendees

OrgSync makes it easy to message all event attendees about any changes to your event or provide them with last minute details and reminders. You can send a message to a specific user or to a group of users based on their RSVP status for the event.

Visualize and Synchronize Events


Community Calendar.
All organizations on campus can request to share their events on the community-wide calendar. As the community administrator, you have approval rights before events are made public.

Organization Calendar.
View all of the upcoming events for each organization that you have joined.

Personal Calendar.
View all campus-wide events and organization events that have been shared with you, as well as all events for which you have RSVP’d.

RSS Feed.
Allows administrators to power digital displays or share extensive data with other systems on campus.

Synchronize events with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, or other platforms. In one-click you can easily subscribe to your platform of choice.

Additional Features


Card Swiping

Students can swipe in and out from an event, streamlining the process of tracking hours and save valuable time. With swipe in /swipe out, administrators can automatically build timesheets to track credit hours for students.

» Learn more about Card Swipe.


Room Reservations Integration

OrgSync’s event management system can integrate seamlessly with your existing room reservation services, allowing you to reserve rooms during the event creation process, directly through OrgSync. Reserving a room is an optional step, so students can still manually enter a location for off-campus events.

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