Our campus partners use OrgSync’s umbrellas in many different ways


Umbrellas for Each Student Department
Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University has five umbrellas, for: Fraternity & Sorority Life, Recreation & Events, Student Life, Residential Life, and the Volunteer Center.

The Office of Student Life administers all umbrellas except the Volunteer Center. CMU has different umbrellas for these areas because they wanted each to have different settings; for example, the registration for Fraternity and Sorority Life asked questions about national affiliations, house staff, and the recruitment process that were not necessary for the Recreation & Events organizations. The Volunteer Center needed to completely customize their setup, and it is administered differently than the other umbrellas.


Umbrellas for Regions in a System
Palm Beach State College system

The Palm Beach State College system bought OrgSync to help manage each of its four campuses. They utilize five umbrellas—one central umbrella for clubs, such as Career Services or the student newspaper, that might interest students from the whole system; and one for each of the four campuses in the system. Each umbrella is host to the local organizations for that campus.

This system allows each campus to manage their student groups independently, and helps target information to those most interested. It also creates one standardized process for the whole system, helping it run more efficiently overall. It also helps engage students from any campus in overall system activities, and helps the system-level administrator manage Student Affairs on each campus even when she cannot visit in person.


Umbrellas for Organizations and Student Affairs
University of Mary Washington

The University of Mary Washington has two umbrellas, managed by the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Student Activities and Engagement, which is a division of the Department of Student Affairs. The Organization Headquarters umbrella houses every student organization and is managed by the Office of Student Activities and Engagement, while the Student Affairs Headquarters umbrella is over Student Affairs departments and division-wide committees.

The University of Mary Washington uses this model because it allows them to replicate their campus organization hierarchy in their OrgSync structure: the vice president is one of the community-level administrators, and can oversee his staff and programming for both arenas. This arrangement helps with communication: he can send targeted messages to his staff without including all the students.


One Umbrella for All Departments and Clubs
DePaul University

DePaul has one umbrella, managed by the Office of Student Involvement. Most departments and student organizations within Student Affairs have a portal. Departments, student clubs, fraternities and sororities, honor societies, Councils, and recreational clubs all have portals.

This design works for DePaul because they have a standardized assessment format that is used for every student organization and department, but one drawback of this setup is they are less able to allow independent administrators to control their own areas.