Create a paperless office by taking all of your forms online.

The Forms module is one of the most robust tools in the OrgSync platform and can be used for a variety of purposes. Our simple design makes it easy to create any type of form, providing you the functionality to review all submissions and generate meaningful reports.


Choose from a variety of form elements to capture the right information from your form. Form elements include: single line text, multi-line text, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. Set a limit for the number of users that can submit a form--especially beneficial for events with limited capacity. OrgSync makes it easy to view and update the status of all submissions.


Page logic features allow you to create custom paths for different participants by determining when particular pages show based on the answer to a previous question. This feature allows you to provide each participant with a customized question bank – they only see items relevant to them. Forms can now be as simple or complex as you need.


Each form can have multiple levels of approval built in, allowing different people to approve each form submission until the forms are complete. You can also create a workflow for forms that must follow a sequence of reviewers. Choose who will be notified each time a form is submitted or updated. Send a message to users who submit a form to notify them that their submission has been approved, denied, or deferred.


By adjusting the permission settings on your online form, you can make forms public and visible on your organization website or available only to selected groups of users. Control when each form is open by setting the dates and times to open and close the form. Forms can be created and remain hidden until you choose to publish them and can remain open indefinitely.


With OrgSync’s payment gateway solutions, collect payments from users as they complete your form. Use the payment option when collecting money for events, applications, or anything else that you need.


Fill out any OrgSync form from the convenience of your phone. Register for events, cast an election ballot, complete a feedback survey, and more, all from your smartphone or tablet.


Create a unique form link that you can send to respondents any way you like. With just a click, users will be taken directly to your form. You can also share your form via social media or embed it in your external website.


For all elements that have pre-defined choices, you are able to generate graphs for the responses to each question. Within those graphs you can run cross-tabs to compare answers between questions. Need to import data into another platform? Export form submissions into Excel format to easily import data elsewhere or to analyze the aggregate results of all form submissions.


Utilizing forms related to events (pre- and post-), you can measure the learning outcomes from university-sponsored programs and services. Whether you are measuring the outcomes of one activity or want to see growth over time, forms allow you to collect the necessary data from participants without dealing with paper forms and date entry.


Determining the return on investment of programs is often a challenge. Create customer satisfaction surveys or speaker evaluations to determine if you are spending money on the best programs or services for your users. Moving past simple participation numbers allows you to fully measure whether you are meeting objectives related to your strategic plan.