Involvement Tracking

OrgSync systematically tracks all of your organization memberships and co-curricular involvement from the time your account is created.

The Involvement Manager allows every student to manage their involvement on campus, reflect on experiences, report learning outcomes, and create co-curricular records to showcase their involvement.

Track Involvement

OrgSync tracks all organizations memberships and participation in activities and events from the moment your account is created. Track hours, attendance, positions held, dates and more all from the Involvement Manager.

Summary Dashboards

View summary dashboards to get a quick snapshot of involvement hours and learning outcomes reported and review your involvement history for each organization.

Add Manual Entries

Add participation retroactively for involvement outside of your organizations or that occurred before you joined OrgSync. Manual entries may require approval by a campus administrator to be accepted.

Reflections & Learning Outcomes

Add reflections and learning outcomes to all memberships and activities to document learning from involvement on campus.

Proof of Participation

Upload files for each event to provide proof of participation. Campus administrators must verify and approve your submission before it is accepted.

Showcase Involvement

Create custom reports to showcase your co-curricular involvement, learning experiences and other achievements with Co-Curricular Transcripts and ePortfolios.

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