Communicate with people across campus quickly and efficiently with OrgSync messages. 

Similar to a native email platform, our messaging system allows you to communicate directly with the people in your campus networks.


Targeted Communication

Send targeted messages to the appropriate audiences and eliminate the need for listservs; select specific groups or individual users to receive your message.

Branded Email Notifications

Email notifications are branded to match the look and feel of your community. This is especially important if you brand your community to your school, and your members don’t even see it as OrgSync. All emails and notifications will match the logo and colors within the top bar of your community.

Mobile Friendly Emails

All emails are responsive. This means when you send a message via OrgSync, your message will look great for your recipients on every device they use, whether they're on their computer at home or their phone between classes.

Message Formatting

Customize your new posts with a rich text editor and include links and images to make your messages more compelling.


Access your Inbox in the top navigation bar anywhere in OrgSync. All messages from other students, your organization leaders, and campus administration are easily accessible in one place.

Community Messaging

Community administrators can send messages to the community through the messaging tool. Messages can be sent to organization administrators only, officers and administrators, or to the entire community.

Automated Messaging

Administrators can create automatic message defaults for frequent tasks such as form approvals, event request submissions, and budget allocations. Once the administrator has approved/denied/deferred a student's submission, the student will automatically receive a message.

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