Multiple Umbrellas

Strengthen the framework of your online Campus Engagement Network with Multiple Umbrellas. Departments on campus often have unique needs; they have their own groups to manage, students to communicate with, and reports to analyze. OrgSync enables each division or department to have a separation of powers, manage their day-to-day operations independently of one another, and oversee their students, organizations, and programs.

What can multiple umbrellas do for you?

Access department-specific data, reports, and analytics

Each department can run reports on its users, activity levels, and sub-portals. Community administrators can aggregate all department data into community-wide reports, bringing consistency to the reporting metrics for each department across campus.

Simplify budget requests, allocations, and payments

Each umbrella can customize and manage the annual budgeting and activity funding for different groups within the department. Avoid sharing budget data with other departments by keeping the budget request process within your umbrella portal.

Customize organization registration

Customize a separate registration and renewal process for the portals each umbrella oversees and require groups to provide pertinent information relevant to each department. All group profiles and registration information can be quickly accessed through the umbrella admin tools.

Create integrated department websites

Multiple umbrellas allow departments on campus to strengthen their online web presence with public websites. OrgSync creates a seamless integration between each umbrella portal and the department’s public website, making it easy to maintain and update.

Manage a department-specific calendar

Departments can now manage their own calendar to promote programs and events for the groups they oversee. All organizations can request to share events on the department calendar and umbrella administrators must approve them before they are made public.

Control the setup of groups

Each umbrella is controlled by an administrator who has full access to customize the portal to meet the department’s needs. Under each umbrella, the setup and tools available to the department and portals can be customized, giving all portals the same accessibility


There are many different ways you can structure your community. Regardless of your campus size, OrgSync can adapt to your specific needs.

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