Manage Organizations

OrgSync was created to standardize how administrators manage registered student organizations on campus.

With OrgSync, administrators can maintain an up-to-date student organization directory complete with detailed information and rosters.

Organization Registration

Go paperless and streamline your organization registration process online. Customize organization registration options to include requiring a reviewer to approve registration, notifying specific administrators, and opening and closing organization registration at any time.

Access All Organizations

Review and access all student organization profiles in one location. Your student organization directory lets you message administrators or all organization members, add organization administrators, view the organization’s public website, or disable the organization.

Organization Directory

The organization directory makes it easy for students to find organizations on campus. Search by name, category, or keyword to find organizations on campus and select “Join Now” to become a member of the organization.

Categorize Organizations

Create organization categories and group similar student organizations together. Categories allow you to target specific information to those student organizations.

Create New Organizations

Manually add a new student organization to your directory and assign organization administrators to start managing their organization through OrgSync. You can also set a default organization for everyone that joins OrgSync.

Generate Reports

Export all data collected from your organizations into Excel or CSV including member lists, timesheets, treasury journals, and event participation hours.

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