Organization Registration

Streamline the registration and renewal process for student organizations by movingit online.

OrgSync enables you to customize the organization registration process to meet the needs of your specific department or campus.



Customize Data Collection

Use the registration form builder to customize all the information collected in the registration process. Rather than use a stack of paper forms, build a custom form to fit exactly your campus needs. Set a defined time when organizations can renew, and automatically notify organization leaders.

Learn more about how custom registration processes enable campuses to better understand their students.


Schedule Renewal Time Period

Campus administrators can set a defined time when organizations can renew. Organization leaders will be notified when it is time to renew and directed to the registration form. When an organization’s registration is approved, their organization profile is automatically updated on the department website.


Administrative Control

When students register an organization, or request the creation of a new organization, auto-notify select campus administrators via email, review the submitted information, and choose to accept, deny, or defer each submission


Disable Organizations

Organizations that do not register by the deadline can be disabled by umbrella administrators, which will suspend them from OrgSync, hide their content, and make the organization no longer searchable on the public department website.


Easy to Update

All approved organizations will be assigned a unique identification number that is consistent from year to year. When renewing, organizations can update their information but their identification number will remain the same. Administrators also have the ability to change, update, or edit an organization name without losing any historical information connected to the organization.


Export Data

Information gathered from organization registration can be exported into Excel and CSV files to import into other systems.

Fast Facts from Texas Tech University

7,500 Sheets of Paper Saved: 15-page application x 500 orgs = 7,500 sheets saved/year

Time Savings of 80%: Processing each organization registration form took 10-15 minutes before OrgSync; with OrgSync it only takes 2-3 minutes per form.

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