OrgSync allows you to track hours and attendance for students at every event.

Participation tracking is tied with OrgSync’s event management system and integrates with personal timesheets as well as each student’s involvement manager.

Hours Tracking

Assign credit hours to individual attendees based on how long they participated at each event; use mass actions to add hours for multiple users at once.

Attendance Tracking

Track student attendance for each meeting or event; mark users as attended, partial, excused, absent, or unmarked.

Export Participation

Download an Excel file of all participation hours distributed to attendees. Campuses that use card swipe will be able to export all attendees with their card ID numbers.

Add to My Involvement

After participation hours have been assigned to a user, an entry will be made in the user’s Involvement Manager. The user can then decide to add the event to their Co-Curricular Transcript.


Third-Party Approvals

If a student participates in an event not sanctioned by an organization or by campus, they can request an organization or system administrator approve their hours. A third-party administrator can also approve hours for service through OrgSync. The student provides the contact information for the third-party, the approval request is sent to that person, and they can approve or deny the service hours.

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