People Management

Manage people in your portal with ease.

Segment people into groups based on their responsibilities and interests. By combining people into groups, you can customize their permission settings and effectively target communications.

Target Information

Create groups to target information to the correct audience within your organization.

Create Private Groups

Hide certain groups based on needs, function, or standing in the organization.

Download Roster

Download an Excel export of all the people in your organization.


Groups Are Easy to Create

Quickly create new groups and add people that are directly associated with each groups’ function in your organization.


Customize Permission Settings

Adjust permission settings for each group, to control which tools and content people will have access to.


People Profiles

See a full view of each person’s OrgSync profile, permission settings, and memberships.


Invite People to Join

Send a personalized invitation for new people to join your organization on OrgSync.

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