Collect instant feedback from your users on any number of topics.

Polls can be conducted community-wide or within specific organization portals.  Use polls to quickly survey your members, collect feedback about events, or choose the food to cater in for your next meeting.

Poll Results

Custom Settings

Customize poll settings by allowing users to vote for more than one option, hiding results before the poll has closed, or showing poll results after a user votes.  You can also adjust the date range to determine how long the poll will remain open.

Public and Private Polls

By adjusting the permission settings on your polls, you can make polls public and accessible through your organization website or available only to selected groups of users.

Poll Comments

Comment and Share

Users can comment on the poll before and after the results are displayed and share public polling information on Facebook and Twitter.

QR Code Generator

Make Polls More Accessible with QR Codes

The QR Code Generator creates a matrix style bar code which can be connected to URLs allowing them to be scanned and automatically direct users to those sites. Administrators on campus can use QR codes for post-event assessments, event invites, polls, and forms. QR codes can be extremely powerful marketing tools when placed on paper flyers, posters, and office signs.

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