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Room Reservation Integration

OrgSync’s event management system integrates seamlessly with your existing Series25 (also known as 25Live or R25) or Ad Astra installation.

From one-time reservations to repeating events, the integration enables you to create a one-stop shop for your event request process allowing your students to search for availability of rooms and reserve them during event creation in OrgSync.


How It Works

  1. While creating an event, a user can browse and select one or more available rooms on campus
  2. OrgSync automatically sends the request to your room reservation system
  3. Room reservation administrator approves or denies the request
  4. OrgSync will automatically update with the changes and notify the event creator


  • OrgSync can connect to your room reservation system hosted on or off campus.
  • Users will be able to find rooms available for their specific date and time when creating an event, and search those rooms by name, capacity, or room features like “projector” or “whiteboard.”
  • Room reservation requests are delivered to the room reservation system so current room reservation administrators can work in their existing system.
  • Users will receive an OrgSync notification when their reservation is approved or denied.
  • If an Event Request form is required, all answers are also sent to the room reservation administrator in the room reservation request.


What is required for the Integration?

Integrating with your room reservation system is easy. To get started, you will need to provide OrgSync credentials so we can connect to your room reservation system. You will then select your community administrators to manage the integration in OrgSync. This person will configure your campus preferences and map organizations between OrgSync and your room reservation system.

What if the event is canceled?

If an event is canceled in OrgSync, the room reservation will automatically be canceled as well. Similarly, if a room reservation is denied, the room will not be shown in the OrgSync event as only events with approved reservations display room information.

How often do synchronizations between OrgSync and the room reservation system occur?

Room reservations are submitted instantly. Updates to reservations are synced back into OrgSync every hour. Organizations, rooms, and event categories are synced into OrgSync every 24 hours.

Do I have to allow all of my organizations to reserve rooms?

No, if desired, you can choose only specific organizations to submit reservation requests.

What role do OrgSync administrators play with this integration?

Community administrators can enable or disable room reservations on a per-portal basis within OrgSync.

Will reports show room reservation details?

Yes. The room reservation details are visible through reports.

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