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Service Management

The Service Management System allows your campus to promote service opportunities to your students through OrgSync. By connecting Service Partners to your OrgSync community, your campus can centralize service opportunities for students and manage community service partners.

Who is a Service Partner?

A Service Partner can be any local community organization, department on campus, or volunteer program offering service opportunities to students.

How It Works:
  • 1. Invite Service Partners
    Invited Service Partners register portals within the service umbrella of your campus community.
  • 2. Create Service Opportunities
    Service Partners create service opportunities to be displayed on the Service Opportunities List, which students can access from Community Home or My Tools.
  • 3. Students Sign Up
    Students sign up for service opportunities, submit any required forms through OrgSync, and report learning outcomes and reflections after participating.
  • 4. Approve Service Hours
    Service Partners approve service hours for students for each opportunity, which populates each student’s Involvement Report record and Co-Curricular Transcript.

Service Management

How Do Students Get Connected to Service Opportunities?

All service opportunities created by Service Partners are posted on the Service Opportunities List. This list is the central location for students to find and RSVP for service opportunities. To further advertise service opportunities, campus administrators can promote them on Community Home, and organization administrators can post them in their portals.

  • Students can search for service opportunities by name, type, date, and/or service partner in the Service Opportunities List
  • Campus administrators can promote opportunities to Community Home and on the community calendar
  • Organization administrators or professors can post opportunities in their portals to share with students and members

What Are The Benefits?

For Campus Administrators

  • Create a centralized location for service partner management
  • Retrieve analytics regarding student participation in service opportunities
  • Maintain an active and up-to-date partner approval process
  • Assess education and developmental outcomes with pre- and post-service opportunity assessment forms
  • Track completed service hours for all students

For Service Partners

  • Market service opportunities to students
  • Build a volunteer base for future service opportunities
  • Collect risk management waivers and liability forms online
  • Communicate with registered volunteers opportunity assessment forms
  • Track volunteer participation and service hours

For Students

  • Find and RSVP to available service opportunities through OrgSync
  • Report service work on Co-Curricular Record and/or Transcript
  • Filter through service opportunities based upon interests
  • Endorse service opportunities on behalf of student organizations
  • Receive credit for service in the My Involvement summary

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