Campus Programming and Activities


Use OrgSync to Manage Your Programming Board and Plan Campus Events

Manage Programming Board

Centralize all aspects of management and communication for the programming board in one online location. With permission-based access, you can share specific information with specific individuals or groups through various communication channels.

Evaluate Programs and Events

Gather feedback from students using polls and discussion boards to help plan upcoming events. After each event, you can track student attendance, gather reflections, and measure learning outcomes with post-event surveys.

Simplify Event Planning

OrgSync makes events management easier by allowing members to post events online, delegate responsibilities, and send out invites to students on campus. In the same portal, students can search upcoming events, RSVP online, and purchase tickets.

Allocate Programming Funds Online

Track and manage your programming budget online. With OrgSync’s treasury tools, you can allocate funds to specific events and programs, invoice members, and collect online payments via credit card or PayPal.

Advertise and Promote Events

Increase awareness about events by reaching students through the online tool they already use to get involved. Promote events on your public organization website, share news posts, and send mass text messages to students with updates.

Archive Organization Materials

Create a sustainable department by building an organization knowledge base with all department, budget, and events management materials in one place. Store to-do lists for events, contact books of preferred vendors, and any important documents.