Student Government


Transform the way your Student Government Association and every other organization on campus operates with a platform that centralizes all the tools an organization needs into one online location and empowers students to become more effective leaders.


Get Organized

Stop using multiple programs to plan and schedule events, share documents and resources, manage rosters, and communicate with members. OrgSync centralizes all the tools you need into one platform so you can more effectively manage your organization.

Conduct Anonymous Elections

Whether you need to create a campus-wide election or for a limited electorate, OrgSync makes it easier to manage the entire process. By running elections through OrgSync, campuses have increased voter turnout and saved both time and money in the process.

Streamline Annual Budgeting Processes

Manage the annual budgeting and activity funding for all organizations on campus. OrgSync’s Budget Management System is designed to be flexible with many user-based options and can adapt to meet the budgeting procedures for your institution.

Strengthen Online Visibility

Build and manage a public website for your SGA with ease. As you update content in OrgSync, your public website dynamically updates. Many of the tools also connect to Facebook and Twitter allowing you to reach more people without duplicating efforts.

Track Member Involvement

Assign credit hours to senators or representatives based on how long they participate and leverage card swipe technology to track attendance for each meeting or event. All participation data is easy to analyze and can be exported into Excel.

Ease Officer Transition

Create an organization knowledge base where your leaders, advisors, and members can access information from a central, online location. OrgSync automatically archives all information to help you build a more sustainable organization.

"OrgSync provides student organizations with opportunities to upload files, manage to-do lists and maintain up-to-date contact books that will enable organization leaders to provide content from this years to years in the future." J.W. Tabacchi,Director of Student Activities, Point Park University