Information Technology


In today’s environment, institutions everywhere need a better way to engage and communicate with students, faculty, and staff, as well as to provide them with a central location to access all of their resources and information online. Investing in technology that makes your constituents more efficient and better connected will deliver an immediate ROI. OrgSync empowers you to deliver software-based services that your stakeholders are asking for and will enable you to enhance your brand by creating a seamless experience for all areas of your institution to share and access information.

Create a Closed, Gated Community to Connect your Campus

Remove the barriers between all areas of your institution, from students to the senior level administration. OrgSync creates an online community for your campus that scales to fit the needs of your institution. The platform helps each functional area of your institution operate more efficiently, improve communication and collaboration, lower operating costs through reduction of paper, printing, and other related expenses. OrgSync is set up to provide each user with personalized, role-based access allowing you to engage every member of your community with relevant content. Whether you are looking to improve your outreach with new students, online students, or staff across multiple departments, OrgSync can help.

Provide a Single Sign-On Platform for Constituents to Access Institutional Resources

Instant access to information is critical for success. With so many tools for accessing information across campus, it can be challenging for constituents to stay organized and efficient. Colleges and universities also need a central access point to create a more seamless experience for accessing resources throughout your institution. OrgSync provides a single location where you can improve the access to the tools needed to be more productive and the information to be more intelligent and efficient. With OrgSync, your staff will spend less time processing forms, buried in Excel spreadsheets, and searching for missing pieces of data and more time on meaningful activities that contribute to your institution’s mission. When budget cuts are the norm, efficiency is key to maintaining the same quality services with fewer resources.

Deliver Targeted Information to the Appropriate Stakeholders

With the mass of emails a user receives each day, it is more important than ever that you are channeling information only to your desired audience. Whether you are trying to deliver information about to every individual across your institution, a specific group of people, or an individual user, OrgSync can help. With role-based access and user classifications, communicating information to a specific group about an upcoming event or notifying the entire campus about a policy change can be done easily through OrgSync and you can feel confident knowing that the correct people are receiving your information. Additionally, promotion boards on your community home page will help you ensure that the most critical information for a user is seen as soon as they log in.

Empower Departments and Groups to Build and Manage Websites without Burdening IT

Managing the websites for every department and organization is an expensive, time consuming task that eats up IT time and resources. More importantly, an outdated website reflects poorly on the institution. OrgSync allows every department, program, office, and organization to maintain a sophisticated web presence without putting a burden on your IT organization. OrgSync provides every organization a website builder, public URL, and website hosting to help increase online visibility. Each website is easy to setup and updates automatically as you add content in OrgSync providing readers with access to all the resources they need. Websites can be customized to match the branding of your institution. You can now deliver better services faster, without expending resources on mundane tasks.

Ensure Data Integrity and Bring Consistency to Reporting

With tightening budgets becoming the norm, it is more important than ever to validate the value of programs and initiatives. OrgSync helps the administration measure the impact of campus initiatives and provides users with access to numerous reports and analytics about your institution. Your faculty and staff can analyze data for a specific student, organization, or department on campus as well as aggregate data for all areas across campus with community-wide reports. Leveraging OrgSync across campus will help bring consistency to the reporting metrics and provide valuable data for annual assessments and accreditations.