Academic Affairs

With an increased emphasis on documentation and reporting during accreditation and program review, it is becoming increasingly more important to provide consistency among academic units and their processes. By utilizing OrgSync, academic areas including advising, tutoring centers, departments, and more are able to utilize a variety of tools streamline processes for better administrative oversight and provide virtual offices allowing students to access resources on their schedule.

Integrate co-curricular experiences into academic plans

OrgSync allows advisors and faculty to connect the learning in the classroom to the experiential education of co-curricular experiences with involvement tracking and outcome reporting. When a student meets with an advisor they can bring their OrgSync involvement record and engage in more meaningful discussions about how to incorporate out-of-the-classroom participation into career plans and resumes.

Strengthen collaborations with student affairs

Many institutions struggle with the challenge of connecting the academic and co-curricular areas of campus. OrgSync allows each area to have their own space in one on-line community so they can manage their own programs and services but still allows for shared spaces including calendars, websites, service opportunities, and more. A unified platform ensures all individuals are speaking the same technical language to provide for a more cohesive vision across divisions.

Facilitate college transition for first year students

OrgSync provides students with a personalized Co-Curricular Transcript and ePortfolio. The Co-Curricular Transcript offers an official, verified version of a student's co-curricular record, automatically generated by the data provided in a students’ involvement record. The student can choose which activities are highlighted to help showcase their leadership and involvement to future employers and institutions. Students can also leverage their ePortfolios as robust online records of their involvement, academic experiences, employment, documents, and recommendations to boost their career search.

Increase the efficiency of academic advising units

Spend more time in qualitative meetings with students and less on transactional interactions. By utilizing OrgSync advisors are able to quickly communicate to individual advisees or the entire body of students studying a particular subject. They are able to post their office hours online and allow students to RSVP for particular timeslots. By moving more resources online, advisors can truly be reachable at all times so students can get information whenever and wherever they are.