Institutional Research

Analyzing data can be a challenge on campuses where it is collected and stored in a variety of ways. OrgSync allows campuses to streamline their data collection and store it in one centralized place. Through intentional and organic data collection Institution Research and Effectiveness offices now have the ability to help departments document student engagement data in the same platform they use for assessment surveys. Whether a department is conducting an annual assessment or a program is tracking student participation at events, data can easily be stored and removed from OrgSync for any purpose.

Collect student involvement data organically

Between survey fatigue and student apathy, it is often hard to collect data on student involvement in programs and events. OrgSync makes it easy to organically collect involvement data by tracking participation and outcomes as students utilize the platform. While students are using a system that is fun and engaging, institutions are able to collect data on what groups students are in, what events they attend, and still collect traditional survey and assessment information in the same platform.

Integrate involvement data into other data warehouses

OrgSync data can easily be pulled over to other data warehouses or student information systems through reporting and the API. By integrating data into other warehouses campuses can have a centralized data center allowing reports to be created utilizing information from across campus.

Document a connection between involvement and student success

Research consistently points to a direct correlation between student involvement and success as it relates to graduation percentages and time-to-graduation rates. OrgSync provides a way to collect involvement information on everyone from student leaders to the basic organization member so that information can be compared to GPA and graduation timelines. This information can be extremely helpful for annual reports or accreditation inquiries.

Create benchmarking programs for student affairs and other departments

OrgSync stores data over time so institutions are able to benchmark assessment results and compare them longitudinally to see changes over time. Often snapshot assessments are not comprehensive enough to document long-term changes so the ability to keep and compare data over time is crucial. Data can be collected for one department or across campus to create a more holistic representation to evaluate achievement of goals as they relate to departmental or university strategic plans.