Student Affairs

OrgSync works with every department in Student Affairs to streamline day-to-day processes, minimize paper usage, increase student engagement, and track all involvement data. Campuses can leverage the data collected to assess the impact of student involvement and co-curricular programming on overall student success and retention.

Drive, manage, and measure student involvement

Collecting data on participation and involvement of individuals on campus can be a challenge due to the use of multiple systems and organizational silos. OrgSync provides Student Affairs with a one-stop shop for everything from New Student Orientation and Leadership Programs to Career Services and Service Learning. Getting students, faculty, and staff to join student organizations, interact with events, and participate in assessment initiatives happens in a single, online community. Once these events or initiatives occur, you can track participation manually or through card swipe and keep track of all evaluations in one place. These experiences can be tracked by students and administrators and presented in the form of co-curricular transcripts and ePortfolios.

Improve assessments and evaluations

Continual and ad-hoc assessment and evaluation provides administrators, faculty, and other stakeholders with documentation from which they can develop useful information regarding individuals, programs, and campus. With OrgSync, you can start collecting data at matriculation during New Student Orientation and continue through placement after graduation. Compare data to custom profile fields designed by your institution such as gender, ethnicity, or geographical background. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions about student learning outcomes or program effectiveness.

Manage risk by developing an event request process with liability waivers

Institutions need an effective way to evaluate and manage the risks of events and programs in order to better protect students and the campus. OrgSync allows you to customize the event request and approval process so administrators receive all necessary information before an organization can market their event. Institutions can ask for risk management related information, room reservations, media needs, and target attendees. Reviewers from across the institution can be brought into the workflow so every department can work with the same process. Setting up authentication allows you to move and archive liability waivers online as completed forms are electronic signatures eliminating the need for paper files.

Manage decision-making workflows, and much more

The bureaucracy of many institutions often makes it difficult to get approval or move things along a workflow. It can be a challenge to make sure processes are clear and easy to navigate for various populations on campus. Streamline these by migrating them to OrgSync. The forms feature has an automatic workflow built in allowing for multiple levels of approval. Forms can be required to follow a sequence of reviewers; notify individuals as forms are ready to be reviewed; and send messages to users to let them know if their request has been approved, denied, or deferred. Streamlining processes and workflows will save you and your staff time so you can focus more on student interactions.

Track finances and expenditures for departments and organizations

When departments and organizations get their budgets approved, it is important they keep detailed financial records. The Budget Management System in OrgSync allows organizations to easily track finances and expenditures. The reporting tools make it possible to quickly analyze spending and allocation of financial resources within the organization, which is important when creating the budget for upcoming semesters. Budget Management System can be customized to meet your campus' process and Revenue Funds can be tied to your institutions budget system through API so credits, debits, and balances are constantly kept up-to-date.

Report on data for departmental or annual reports

As accreditation standards become more stringent and budgets get cut, data-driven decisions are more important than ever. With OrgSync, collected by the platform through forms, or organically through tracking participation, can be pulled out into various types of reports. All form submissions can be exported into Excel or PDF allowing administrators to analyze the aggregate results. For all elements that have pre-defined choices, administrators can generate graphs for the responses to each question and compare answers across questions. Utilizing forms related to events (pre- and post-), you can measure the learning outcomes from institution-sponsored programs and services. Whether you are measuring the outcomes of one activity or want to see growth over time, the data exports from various modules allow you to collect the necessary data.

Streamline communication & social media outreach

Sometimes it can be challenging to manage traditional forms of communication let alone adding social media outlets to the mix. Whether you are trying to send communication out to every individual who has come into contact with your office or just to a specific group of students you work with, OrgSync will allow you to target communication to certain populations on campus. The platform enables you to reach students, leaders, staff, and advisors with discussion boards, text messaging, news posts, email lists and more. Not only can organizations and departments link to major social media outlets and have a public website, but individuals can connect to personal social media accounts as well.

Increase cross training of staff across divisions

With students graduating every year and personnel turnover, it can be difficult to ensure staff are equipped with the information they need to effectively assume their role. OrgSync makes this transition easier by allowing you to upload important documents such as instruction manuals, vendor contact sheets, financial records, and more in one central location. Staff can simply refer to this knowledge base throughout the year as they get trained and work to build a more sustainable office. These files are archived in a secure online environment, you don’t have to worry about losing valuable information.

Customize a registration process for groups and departments

Every campus has a unique process for registering student organizations or updating public information for departments. With OrgSync, you can automate that process using the registration module. Build your registration form online, and customize the workflow to mirror your internal approval process. Set up notifications so the right people will be informed when groups register or update their information. Send automated messages for registrants to let them know if they are approved. Moving this process online removes administrative burden and expedites the approval timeline.