Empower students to effectively manage their organizations.

As former student leaders, we know that you want to make BIG changes on your campus. OrgSync provides organizations with the tools to transform the way they operate, including: manage organization records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, track service hours and meeting attendance, collect dues, and significantly reduce paperwork.


Centralize, organize and manage your organization

We understand how difficult it can be to run an organization or program on campus. With OrgSync's online platform, you can stop using multiple programs to manage your organization, plan and schedule events, share documents and resources, and communicate with members. OrgSync centralizes all the tools you need into one platform so you can stay organized and become a more effective leader.



Manage Your Members

Now you can control who can access specific pieces of information based on their role within your organization. Whether they hold a position, sit on a committee, or are part of a project group, you can customize their access to every tool in the platform. Maintain accurate rosters for your organization, which can easily be updated as you conduct officer elections in your portal. Your rosters can be tied to events to track attendance and participation to programs and meetings.

Reach students where they are

You no longer have to know everyone’s email address or phone number to distribute information. OrgSync stores contact information for your members which they can update as it changes. At any time you can send an email announcing important news for your organization or mass text message members to let them know there has been a last minute change to an event location – all from the comfort of your smart phone or computer.



Create a sustainable organization

Create an organization knowledgebase where your leaders, advisors, and members can access information from centralized, online location without having to send files back and forth. As new members and leaders come on board your organization, they are able to access the appropriate items you give them access to. OrgSync will archive all organization information to help ease the burdens of officer turnover and transition.

Improve your online visibility

With OrgSync, as your organization puts information, events, and resources into your portal, your public website is dynamically updated. Most tools have embeddable website modules allowing you to integrate your portal with your website eliminating the need for a web developer with HTML or design knowledge. Many of the tools also connect to Facebook and Twitter allowing you to create everything in one place and push it out to your social media platforms.