Encourage student ownership of their co-curricular experience

Students have personalized news feeds, making it easy to stay informed and up-to-speed on activities and events in their organizations. OrgSync centralizes all the information students need into one platform, allowing them to more effectively manage their organization memberships and track their co-curricular involvement.


Centralize your outside-the-classroom involvement

For every organization you join on OrgSync, you will be able to track your involvement history including event participation and meeting attendance. From one location you can now see all of your interactions with organizations and departments on campus, stay up-to-date on the latest events, and check the status of forms, surveys, and attendance.

Discover involvement opportunities

From your first day on campus to the random weekend you want to volunteer on, you will be able to search through student organizations, service events, and other campus programs to find opportunities that match your interests and get involved. OrgSync even allows you to check out campus-wide events as well as ones that are only open to members of your organizations.



Showcase your involvement to prospective employers or grad school

For the first time you can document participation and learning outcomes based on your organization memberships and event attendance. Ready to apply for jobs, internships, or graduate schools? OrgSync provides you with your very own co-curricular transcript (CCT) and ePortfolio. With your CCT, you now have an official document from your institution documenting the personal and professional development you achieved outside of the classroom. The ePortfolio can serve as a robust online record of your involvement, employment, documents, and recommendations.

Customize how you stay informed

You get to choose how you are notified about events, news, and other information created on OrgSync. Each organization you are a member of can be customized to establish how communication will be sent to you (email, OrgSync message, or text message). You even get to choose what contact information is public or private about yourself. Get the information wherever you are.