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Getting an MBA is a full-time job, and many students struggle to manage their out-of-classroom involvement while meeting the demands of school, work, family, etc. Meanwhile, many administrators are running their processes on paper, which can be arduous and leaves plenty of room for error. With OrgSync, business students and administrators can become more efficient and better connected.

Empower Students and Reduce Administrative Burden

Administrators save time with OrgSync by being able to move the majority of their processes to a secure online environment—from registering clubs and allocating funds to updating profiles and reviewing and exporting data. These tasks become virtually paperless, saving both time and money. Administrators can also create an online database of all clubs & organizations where students can go and identify the groups that spark their interest. Once set up, student leaders can manage their org profiles, communicate with members, and collect online payments for dues. They will also have access to organization records and data, all of which is automatically archived.

Communicate Directly With Students

Having OrgSync as a primary communication platform streamlines the way your students send and receive their information. The suite of communication tools provides a way for administrators from every department to reach students where they live—online—in the most efficient way possible. Simplify newsletters by sharing all important updates and announcements via news posts, emails and text messages. Create sub-groups based on enrollment status, year or concentration to send targeted, relevant information to those who need it. Use polls and discussion forums for real-time feedback and engagement. Get social by pushing your content to Facebook and Twitter to reach your students where they interact most.

Market Programs & Events to Students

In many institutions, part-time MBA students make up the majority of the student body. The value of creating programs and events online with OrgSync is that you can reach every student, no matter their enrollment status. OrgSync’s event management tool allows administrators and students alike to create events that can be shared within an organization or pushed out to the entire community. Individuals can then log in to OrgSync and get a quick snapshot of the most important items through our promoter feature, or go to the calendar to see everything that’s going on within their program and respective organizations. With this knowledge, students can choose their level of involvement and take control of their out-of-the-classroom experience.

Ease the Stress of Officer Transition & Elections

Most business schools offer several programs—full-time, part-time, masters, etc. However, the varying pace of these programs has traditionally made transitioning officers within an organization a difficult process. With OrgSync, that process, from elections to officer induction, becomes much more streamlined and efficient. You can easily create ballots using the forms module. Then, advertise the election and encourage student involvement with news posts. As voting begins, monitor progress and results with dashboards and graphs. Once the new officers take over, they will have access to all of the legacy information they will need for that particular position (files, forms, website, alumni contact info, etc.) You can even save to-do lists for recurring events so the next officer will know exactly what needs to be done.

Increase Web Presence

Organization websites can be powerful tools for attracting prospective MBA students during the admissions process. Many institutions rely on a marketing department to manage such websites, but with OrgSync, administrators and student leaders are in control. Build a public website, hosted by OrgSync, for your departments and organizations to increase your online visibility. The website builder makes it easy to create, design and maintain your website without the help of an IT team, Webmaster, or marketing department. Making updates to the site is just as simple. All changes made in OrgSync are automatically updated on the website. OrgSync’s design team is also available to customize the branding and layout of your site to mirror the look & feel of your institutions' website, and our API provides seamless integration with other campus systems.

Equip Students for Entering the Workforce

The top priority for MBA students is finding a job after graduation. In an increasingly competitive workforce, it’s necessary for students to discover ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. Because OrgSync is a collaborative platform, students have the opportunity to learn how to manage people and projects in an online environment—an increasingly desirable skill. OrgSync’s ePortfolio tool offers another point of differentiation. More in-depth than a resume, the ePortfolio is a personal website where MBA students can showcase academic work, co-curricular involvement, internships, and employment. Students can also upload work samples and solicit professional recommendations. Because the ePortfolio exists online, students can simply add the link to their resume, setting them apart from the competition.



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