Community Colleges

With varied student populations who have diverse needs, community colleges face unique challenges unlike those of other institutions. As enrollment is rapidly increasing and students are seeking more affordable education solutions, community colleges require a streamlined way to facilitate processes, promote involvement, provide workforce development, communicate with the entire campus, and enhance productivity. OrgSync can be easily tailored to meet the specific administrative needs of faculty and staff, while also bringing together an active and involved student body.

Operate More Efficiently & Do More with Less

Community colleges are faced with limited funds and heavy paper-based processes costing valuable resources, time, and money. Reducing inefficiencies, streamlining data collection, and improving processes across departments helps community colleges better support recruitment, engagement, and retention efforts. OrgSync’s forms module is one of the most robust tools in the platform. From collecting registrations and payments, to generating surveys, travel waivers, liability forms, applications, and tracking learning outcomes, OrgSync forms can be accessed from the convenience of any desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and are easily shared across campus. Results can also be exported or printed for a more detailed analysis.

Develop, Track, and Analyze Success Metrics

Streamlined data collection against clearly defined learning objectives is essential. OrgSync makes assessment easy by centralizing student data and making it readily accessible to administrators or the appropriate staff and faculty. Administrators can measure the results of programming with pre- and post-event surveys, track attendance, compare learning goals and outcomes, generate reports, and compare involvement data to evaluate the effectiveness of campus programming. Data can be easily pulled back and forth through an SIS, and OrgSync’s robust reporting and analytics tools help administrators analyze event data, assess learning outcomes, and evaluate ROI.

Increase Retention and Support Multiple Opportunities for Student Learning

Students attending community colleges have a variety of off-campus obligations and require flexible programming options to be successful. OrgSync can help commuting, first generation, and at risk students get involved in ways that fit between family, work, and personal commitments. From student organization to civic engagement and service learning initiatives, students can easily manage out-of-classroom experiences on OrgSync and administrators can expand upon existing student life initiatives. The program is easily accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, and the mobile web version looks and feels like a native application, but does not require any downloads. This gives students more opportunities to engage and interact with the institution, helps create a stronger sense of connection and loyalty, and increases overall retention.

Improve Communication and Awareness of Resources

Faced with large, commuting student populations and a variety of programming needs, community colleges need a communication vehicle through which they can centralize resources and easily send out messaging, event announcements, and news to a variety of audiences. OrgSync streamlines communication across campus through a suite of tools that make it easy to connect with an individual, a specific group, or the entire campus, no matter where they are. Students can easily access campus resources through OrgSync’s information sharing tools like file storage, and campuses can quickly reach out to students, faculty, and staff through websites, calendars, discussion forums, news posts, text messaging, email lists, and more. Websites are professionally designed to help campuses recruit and retain current and prospective students.

Facilitate Employment and Educational Transitions

As students transition to new learning or career opportunities, making sure they are armed with a personalized account of their involvement on campus is essential. Getting students involved teaches them transferable skills and helps ensure career readiness upon graduation. OrgSync provides students with a personalized co-curricular record that is automatically updated as students check into events and that places no additional overhead on administrators. Additionally, students can leverage ePortfolio as a robust, online record of involvement, academic experiences, employment history, and recommendations. Students can easily market specific leadership experiences and transferable skills to prospective employers and to institutions as they continue their academic careers.

Keep Students Connected After Graduation

Alumni relations are a challenge for any campus, and community colleges are no exception. OrgSync can help ensure students have an easy access point to campus updates and alumni events after graduation. Alumni mentoring programs, guest speakers, continuing education opportunities, alumni events, and email lists can all be moderated and tracked from within OrgSync. By keeping alumni active and involved in OrgSync, campuses can help students discover the real-world application of their degrees, connect students with their future careers, and track overall career placement.