Four Year Institutions

Institutions devote resources to supporting offices and programs to engage students from matriculation through commencement. With OrgSync, campus administrators can easily connect students to programs and offices while supplying organizations with tools for personal and professional development. Whether a student is joining a student organization during orientation or applying to be an RA during their final year, OrgSync helps make those experiences easier.

Build a Community

The traditional college experience is transforming and increasingly, institutions need a way to engage non-traditional populations. OrgSync’s web-hosted platform creates an online community for your campus, with tools to improve communication, information sharing, collaboration and reporting, whether your students are on campus or online. OrgSync is accessible from any computer or smartphone, empowering students to discover programs and organizations on campus that spark their interest; communicate with members via news posts, discussions, emails and SMS; and easily manage their co-curricular involvement from anywhere, at any time.

Create a Culture of Evidence

More than ever before, campus administrators are held accountable for proving the value of programming on campus. OrgSync makes it possible to document student involvement data with tools such as card swiping and pre- and post-event surveys. You can use these tools to track learning outcomes and compare them against learning objectives. OrgSync also provides sophisticated reporting and dashboard tools allowing you to compare involvement data across campus. Bringing assessment and evaluation into a secure online environment makes this valuable data easy to access and share across departments.

Streamline Processes Across Campus

With OrgSync, you have the ability to connect every campus department on a single platform. By creating a more connected campus, it is possible to standardize policies related to administration, event planning, assessment and approval processes, creating a less siloed campus. The forms module is one of OrgSync’s most powerful tools and allows you to create a paperless office by taking all your forms online. Use forms to manage and process event requests, and take advantage of our room reservation integration by allowing individuals to reserve a room directly from the form. Use the card swipe feature to track event attendance. Automating these and other tasks helps to streamline processes across departments.

Connect Students to Campus

The collegiate experience is about more than academics. OrgSync’s intuitive platform empowers students to easily find involvement opportunities and build connections with other students on campus. Once students begin using OrgSync, the foundation is set to help them manage their out-of-classroom experiences and ultimately become more involved. OrgSync helps campuses prove that engaging students in co-curricular experiences has a positive impact on student performance, satisfaction, career placement, and overall student success.

Strengthen Communication & Collaboration

OrgSync is a powerful tool for strengthening and simplifying communication across campus. Permission-based access gives you the option of broadcasting your message to the entire campus or targeting it to specific organizations, officers, and even members, eliminating the need for listservs. OrgSync allows you to reach students, leaders, staff and administrators in a variety of ways—news posts, discussion forums, emails, SMS messages, and more. And because contact information is stored on OrgSync, it is automatically updated across all communities and portals when users make updates.

Get More Out of Your Staff

OrgSync enables your team to streamline operations by managing day-to-day processes from a central, online location. With OrgSync, your staff will spend less time processing forms and entering data, and more time on student development. When budget cuts are the norm, efficiency is key to maintaining the same quality services with fewer resources. With the time saved by switching to OrgSync, resources can be devoted to more important initiatives such as student growth and development programs.

Make Your Budget Stretch Further

OrgSync helps you realize significant cost savings throughout your institution. Better efficiency means overhead can remain low, and going paperless means savings in paper and printing costs. With OrgSync, you will be able to collect reflections from events and programs as well as have students identify their top learning outcomes. After events and programs you can conduct assessments to help you determine your return on investment (ROI) regarding time and funding.