Graduate Schools

Graduate students are often heavily involved, but their time is valuable. They want to take ownership of their activities and manage their out-of-classroom involvement quickly and easily. OrgSync’s comprehensive online platform makes it easy for students to manage their out-of-the-classroom activities. It also saves administrators time and money by increasing efficiency, allowing them to devote more time to their students.

Business Schools

Getting an MBA is a full-time job, and many students struggle to manage their out-of-classroom involvement while meeting the demands of school, work, family, etc. Meanwhile, many administrators run their processes on paper, which is arduous and leaves room for error. With OrgSync, business students and administrators can become more efficient and better connected.

Business School Solutions

Medical Schools

Medical students work long hours and juggle many activities and classes. OrgSync is always available, freeing students and staff from restrictive office hours.

Medical School Solutions

Law Schools

Targeting communication can be challenging in a dynamic environment. OrgSync’s suite of tools allows messaging among individuals, groups, or the entire campus.

Law School Solutions


Other Graduate Programs

OrgSync is flexible enough to meet the needs of any graduate school. We work with a number of graduate schools and would love to work with you, too.

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