Students’ Unions

Students’ Unions are the students’ voice to the institution. They facilitate a positive social life outside of the classroom, create a strong sense of community on campus, and provide support services to students. OrgSync provides a private, online community that streamlines the services your Union offers to aid you in your mission to give students the best possible experience during their time at your institution.

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“OrgSync is the answer to our prayers. It came to us at a very good time. Our campus was looking for something very specific. We found out it did everything we were looking for and a whole lot more.”

Jeeves Verma,
ARC @ University of New South Wales
Student Development Coordinator


Showcase and Centralize Union Services

Providing students with an interactive space to capture all Union services while simultaneously maintaining membership and easing executive turnover can be an uphill battle. OrgSync allows you to showcase your Union services through a dynamic searchable directory of clubs, societies, departments, and services. Each group gets an online portal to target communication, track and publicize events, and share online resources.

Capabilities include:
  • Searchable directory of clubs, departments, and services
  • Interactive space for students to access all union services
  • Student Executive election tools & candidate marketing venues
  • Suite of communication and management tools


Streamline Data Collection, Manage Risk, and Improve Student Interaction

Collecting data can be a challenge on campuses where it is gathered and stored in a variety of ways and locations. Whether you’re conducting annual assessments or tracking program participation, data can be easily collected and analyzed at multiple levels in OrgSync. By moving all forms and surveys online and making them accessible 24/7, students can interact with union services and provide information at any time of the day from wherever they are.

Capabilities include:
  • Paperless forms with workflows and 24/7 access
  • Online union department and club presence
  • Create shared space for student resources
  • Increase sustainability while reducing paper and time waste


Access Powerful Reporting and Co-Curricular Involvement Data

Having a lot of data is a benefit to unions, but if you can’t get the data out of the system it can lead to challenges in reporting. The OrgSync platform creates a central repository for all involvement and assessment data, helping enable successful execution of your campus assessment strategy. With centralized data, administrators can run ad hoc reports for survey results or event information and students can build robust co-curricular transcripts and ePortfolios to showcase involvement and academic achievements.

Capabilities include:
  • Rosters and event hours are exportable for all clubs & societies
  • Co-curricular transcripts and records for all students
  • Customizable e-Portfolios with personalized URL
  • Insights into which events, services and programs students are engaging with (and which need some help)


Simplify Club and Society Management

Many times you will see club registration and renewal, budget allocation, roster management, and communication all stemming from separate platforms. Unfortunately, this process is neither efficient nor highly scalable. OrgSync’s private online network brings a variety of people and group management resources together through a single, online platform. OrgSync provides portals and tools for clubs, societies, and sporting groups to manage their members, create and promote events, share files, send mass text messages, update one-click public websites, connect to social media, and conduct their elections in one platform that also gives your staff the oversight and data they need.

Capabilities include:
  • Online registration and renewal process for clubs and societies
  • Online budget/grant management system
  • Communication tools for administrators and student leaders
  • Administrative console for club and societies staff


Strengthen Your Marketing, Engagement, and Communications

Students, leaders, and staff need a vehicle through which they can centralize resources and easily send out messaging to a variety of audiences. Additionally, keeping track of groups hosting events and those attending can be burdensome on campuses of all sizes. OrgSync enables union oversight of event planning to manage risk and allow groups to plan, market, execute, and assess programming. OrgSync simplifies these processes, ensuring users stay organized and spend more time working on meaningful activities that contribute to your union’s overall mission and goals. Event tools also allow you to collect RSVPs and track participation, providing quantifiable metrics of engagement services and programs.

Capabilities include:
  • Risk management process for approving union and student driven events
  • Easy-to-use event creation and promotion to student body
  • Marketing section for creating news posts polls and discussion forums
  • Participation metrics that include feedback forms, learning assessments, and RSVPs

OrgSync can also help out with many other Union services including:

  • Course Representatives
  • Academic Advising and Tutoring
  • Student Benefits
  • Student Advocacy and Welfare
  • Career Services / Job Shop
  • Student Discounts / Membership Benefits
  • Commuter / Rideshare Resources
  • Leadership Programs
  • Housing Services / Find-a-Roommate

"I love the budget management system because it is very real time so when we do a deposit they see exactly what was deposited in their account and they can go back through their history and see all of the transactions that have happened."

Allyson Wright,
Campus Clubs Coordinator, NAITSA

Students' Union Online Community Structure

OrgSync connects all clubs, societies, departments, and services that your team provides in one digital, easy-to-use platform built specifically to help you drive, manage, and measure student engagement. Whether it's through our clubs management features, our marketing and communication resources, or the membership and election solutions we offer, OrgSync brings together the tools you need to create a more efficient and connected union.

Campus Spotlight: Students’ Union, University of Calgary

OrgSync, renamed ClubHub, was brought to campus as a paperless solution to help the Students’ Union club system become more organized as the previous paper system had become outdated and impossible to manage due to volume.

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